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WITH the volume of material now on-line at The Spurgeon Archive, there is a high probability that some of the material has typos or other errors. If you're reading one of our on-line documents and notice an obvious error, please note both error and correction and e-mail our curator with the information. We'll make the change.
    If you'd like to do some more systematic proofreading, here are some guidelines:

  • You may proofread any of our on-line material that interests you. Though all the material has been lightly proofread in the formatting process, almost none of it has been compared line by line, comma for comma, with the originals. Careful readers may usually find one or more errors per file, and we welcome the opportunity to make corrections.
  • Compare the on-line document with a hard-copy original. If you're proofreading a sermon, please use the printed edition from The New Park Street Pulpit or The Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit—not later collections or revised editions. If you're proofreading any other previously published material, please use either a copy from the original publisher or the editions published by Pilgrim Publications. Other publishers' reprints may include revisions we do not want in our material.
  • If you're proofreading without the original to compare with, understand that your work will be of far less value. But if you must read without comparing to the original, please report only clear misspellings and other errors. Don't report where you suspect an error but cannot be sure.
  • It helps most readers to print out a copy of the on-line document, and compare that copy against the original.
  • Note corrections by reporting on consecutive lines how the document now reads, and how it should read. If you're sending e-mail, please put mistake and correction on separate lines, with no other text on those lines, like this:

this is a misteak.
this is not a mistake.

this is anuther misteak.
this is another correction.

  • Note corrections in the order they appear in the document. We'll find them by search and replace. There's no need to report what page or line they appear on in your printouts; most Web browsers format and paginate text in slightly different ways, anyway, so your "page 3, line 4" might be page 2, line 27 on our hardcopy.
  • Here are some common, subtle errors to watch for:
    1. Americanized spellings. "Color" should be "colour," etc.
    2. Paragraph breaks in the wrong place.
    3. Words that should be italicized but aren't.
    4. Out-of-place punctuation (e.g., a question mark outside of quotation marks when it should be inside them).
    5. Wrong punctuation.
    6. Spaces before or after dashes. A proper dash looks like—that, not like this —or— like that.
    7. Incorrect spacing before or after poems. Spurgeon quoted poems a lot, and we format them by centering the text, with one blank line before and after the poem.
    8. Any other irregularities in the format, graphics, or text of any of our documents. Occasionally the original publications include a mistake that is a clear misspelling, typo, or format error. In such cases, we do make corrections to the originals, but those instances are rare.
  • E-mail your list of corrections, with the subject line "For the Spurgeon Archive," to
  • If you help us with proofreading and would like to be listed as one of The Friends of The Spurgeon Archive, please send us a brief paragraph of information about yourself, complete with links to your Web site or e-mail address (if you'd like that information included on our page).

    The Friends of The Spurgeon Archive thank you for your help.

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