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Charles Spurgeon - For the Kingdom

Sep 24 Charles Spurgeon loved Christ’s kingdom and longed for its advance.  For Spurgeon, being for the kingdom required a heart for missional local churches. In his view, the missionary mandate of the Great Commission had yoked the two together. Join us as we explore Spurgeon's kingdom centered mindset and see how the "Prince of Preachers" was for the kingdom.

Charles Spurgeon - For the Church

Sep 20 Charles Spurgeon was for the Church. As he said, "I love the church of God." He exhorted beleivers to "Labour then, for God's sake," but also for "the Church's sake." Join us as we explore how through teaching doctrine well, striving after holiness, and modeling comprehensive obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ, Spurgeon painted a portrait of a minister who was truly for the church.

11 Spurgeon Quotes on Living with Zeal

Sep 13 Charles Spurgeon was a man consumed with zeal. He beleived that "the whole life," especially the "pastoral life" would be "affected by the vigour of your piety." Indeed, zeal for Christ would make every-day toil "lustrous with the glory of holiness." In recognition of Spurgeon's great zeal for Jesus Christ here are eleven thought provoking quotes from the "fireballing" Prince of Preachers.

Spurgeon on the Hope of Heaven

May 3 What comes to your mind when you think of heaven?