Resources by Jason G. Duesing


What did Charles Spurgeon Preach at Christmas?

Dec 16 Have you ever wondered what Charles Spurgeon would preach at Christmas? Join us today as Jason G. Duesing shares a sampling of Spurgeon's Christmas preaching from the Lost Sermons of C. H. Spurgeon.

Letters to My Students, Vol. 1: On Preaching - A Reflection and Review

Sep 23 Charles Spurgeon  has long been an object of appreciation by young pastors or pastors in training. But what is it about this nineteenth-century English Baptist that resonates with the twenty-first century American twenty-something? Join us as Jason G. Duesing reflects on the legacy of Spurgeon and reviews Jason K. Allen's Letter's to My Students, Vol. 1: On Preaching.

The Conversion of C. H. Spurgeon: A Lecture given at the Artillery Street Evangelical Church, Colchester, England, July 13, 2018

Dec 10 This week Midwestern Seminary has published the Fall 2018 of the Midwestern Journal of Theology. From time to time this publication features a "From the Spurgeon Library" section. Join us as our Provost Jason Duesing shares some select insights from a lecture given at the Artillery Street Evangelical Church, Colchester, England on the conversion of C. H. Spurgeon.