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“The Effect and Design of the Law”: Spurgeon’s Lost Sermon #103

Jan 29 Despite his age, Charles Spurgeon was unafraid to wrestle with the toughest theological issues for the good of his people. Read an exceprt from one of his earliest sermons, "The Effect and Design of the Law".

The Ghostly Tale of Spurgeon and the Séance of 1928

Oct 31 On October 21, 1928, the ghost of Charles Spurgeon was raised from the dead. Or so the clairvoyant claimed. In a series of séances supervised by Canadian surgeon and paranormal researcher Thomas Glen Hamilton, the “entity” of the late Victorian evangelist made his presence known several times to a group of hand-clasped gatherers. According to Hamilton’s published report, Spurgeon even requested a hymn to be sung. On this Halloween, check...

"The Lord is a King", Lost Sermon No. 86

Mar 5 Read an excerpt from lost sermon no. 86, “The Lord is a King”, where Charles Spurgeon provides Christian subjects everywhere with a royal edict of Jehovah's supreme lordship.

"The Most Excellent Rock", Lost Sermon No. 127

Mar 19 Some sermons need no introduction. This is true of Spurgeon’s Lost Sermon, No 127, entitled “The Most Excellent Rock”. Charles wastes no time in getting to his main point: God in Christ is a glorious rock, firm and secure always.

"The Noble Bereans", Lost Sermon No. 114

Apr 17 Save the incarnation, there is no greater revelation than God’s Bible. A commitment to the Word of God is paramount for faithful ministry. Charles Spurgeon was convinced of this—it was the reason why he died as a theological outcast, forced to leave his association and stand alone as a voice for truth.

The Reason Why America Burned Spurgeon’s Sermons and Sought to Kill Him

Sep 21 How did America respond to Spurgeon’s abolition? Here are a few published comments from different parts of the country: Florida:  Spurgeon is a “beef-eating, puffed-up, vain, over-righteous pharisaical, English blab-mouth.”

The True Appeal of Spurgeon's Preaching

Feb 15 Shortly after turning sixteen, Charles Spurgeon preached his first sermon. Little did theworld know what was afoot: the forty years of ministry that followed produced some of the most remarkable sermons and treatises that will ever be preached.

Was Spurgeon a Pastor-Scholar?

Jan 10 Was Charles Spurgeon a pastor-scholar? If so, in what way? One blog post will not end the debate, but the conversation must begin somewhere, and we will know him better for having had the conversation.

Was Spurgeon King James Only?

Jan 18 Spurgeon loved the King James Version of the Bible — it was the version he used the most. But Charles Spurgeon was not King James only. On occasion, Spurgeon mentioned textual variants from the pulpit. Sometimes he even rejected the reading of the KJV in favor of the reading in the critical Greek text, represented in the Revised Version. Here are three times that Spurgeon rejected the reading of the...

What is the Mission of the Church?

Feb 20 May Spurgeon’s approach to missions call the church back to the biblical priority of gospel proclamation.