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11 Spurgeon Quotes on Living with Zeal

Sep 13 Charles Spurgeon was a man consumed with zeal. He beleived that "the whole life," especially the "pastoral life" would be "affected by the vigour of your piety." Indeed, zeal for Christ would make every-day toil "lustrous with the glory of holiness." In recognition of Spurgeon's great zeal for Jesus Christ here are eleven thought provoking quotes from the "fireballing" Prince of Preachers.

12 Must-Read Spurgeon Biographies

Aug 1 Over the past century, dozens of biographies have been written about the Prince of Preachers. So if you’re interested in learning more about Charles Spurgeon but don’t know where to begin, here are twelve must-read biographies to get you started.

12 Spurgeon Quotes for When Parenting Feels Hard

Jul 25 As the pastor’s wife of the world’s largest Protestant church, all eyes were on Susannah. The Prince of Preachers wouldn’t go far without his princess. Susannah was expected to be a spiritual superwoman—a straight-laced, “afternoonified” Victorian mother and wife. In addition to the burdens of ministry, the Spurgeons also faced public scrutiny, criticism in the press, and tremendous physical and mental illnesses, all while parenting twin sons Charles and Thomas....

12 Spurgeon Quotes on Joy

Oct 18 Good stories have good endings. For Charles Spurgeon, the story of Jesus Christ which culminated in the acclamation and glorification of the Redeemer was the very height of joy itself. Indeed, he said  “No joy ever visits my soul like that of knowing that Jesus is highly exalted.” In recognition of Spurgeon's great gladness in Jesus Christ here are twelve quotes regarding joy from the Prince of Preachers.

12 Spurgeon Quotes on Preaching

May 2 When Charles Spurgeon surveyed the preaching of his own day he lamented that, “There is very much rubbish about, brethren.” Instead, Spurgeon advised pastors to, “Preach you Christ, and Christ, and Christ, and Christ, and nothing else but Christ.” In honor of Spurgeon's legacy, here are twelve quote on preaching from the "Prince of Preachers."

13 Spurgeon Quotes for Fighting Sin and Shame

Sep 12 Charles Spurgeon’s ministry was marked by physical and mental wounds. But there was a deeper grief – a sharper barb – that stung the preacher and his people: sin and shame.

13 Spurgeon Quotes for Surviving Guilt

Aug 3 Charles Spurgeon’s ministry was marked with guilt. After the Surrey Gardens Music Hall disaster on October 19, 1856, he fell into so deep a depression that even the sight of the Bible brought much anxiety. And so, from the depths of Spurgeon’s guilt we excavate these 13 quotes. In reading them, may you be as healed as Spurgeon was in saying them.

13 Spurgeon Quotes on Calling

Feb 14 “Am I called?” This question has lingered in the mind of every man called by God to pastoral ministry. For Charles Haddon Spurgeon, taking up the call to ministry required wisdom, discernment, and a sincere seriousness. In honour of Spurgeon's legacy, here are thirteen quote on calling from the "Prince of Preachers."

13 Spurgeon Tips for Making the Most of Your Life

Jul 20 Do you ever feel like you’re wasting your life? Christian history is packed full of people who decided to make the most of their time in this world:     John Calvin was 26 years old when he wrote the Institutes of the Christian Religion. David Brainerd was 29 years old when he died for his faith as a missionary. Jim Elliot was only 25...

19 Spurgeon Quotes About the Dangers of Money

Oct 12 “There it is,” said Spurgeon, pointing to a plaque. The words on the plaque read: “Jehovah Jireh” (the Lord will provide). “That is my bank,” said Spurgeon. “It never breaks, never suspends, never gets empty..."