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19 Spurgeon Quotes for Coping with Stress and Anxiety

Oct 5 For most of his ministry, Spurgeon wobbled between illness and anxiety. He burned most of his calories preaching, teaching, writing, visiting, and giving himself to what his wife called the “multiplied labors of his exceptionally busy life” (Autobiography 2:16).

21 Funniest Spurgeon Quotes

Sep 26 Charles Spurgeon took the gospel more seriously than he took himself.

22 Spurgeon Quotes for Surviving Life’s Storms

Oct 24 That was the secret of his resilience. When Spurgeon couldn’t escape the storm, he learned to praise God in the storm. Making music in the dark was Spurgeon’s speciality.

3 Pieces of Marriage Advice from Spurgeon’s Mother-In-Law

Aug 17 Mrs. Thompson’s advice is worthy of reflection for anyone marrying into ministry:

3 Reasons Spurgeon Recommends Commentaries

Mar 1 Spurgeon taught us that nothing can substitute for one’s direct reading and study of the biblical text, but he did not forget or ignore the help of good tools. Let us follow his example.

3 Reasons You Should Read Spurgeon

Aug 15 Go fall in love with a dead pastor, preacher, theologian, author, missionary, or martyr. Spend the rest of your life reading dead people. Get inside their heads and hearts. Sit at their feet. Let them encourage you, challenge you, rebuke you, improve you. Find a soul mate, feed your crush, date the dead. Why? Because like Abel who “still speaks, even though he is dead” (Hebrews 11:4), dead people still...

3 Things You Didn't Know About Spurgeon's Wife

Oct 17 On January 8th, 1856 Charles Spurgeon married Susannah Thompson, a woman who would be his truest partner, deepest confidant, and the love of his life. Charles called her “the greatest of all earthly blessings,” and Susannah described their life together as “two pilgrims treading this highway of life together, hand in hand,—heart linked to heart.” But who was this woman that captivated the heart of the Prince of Preachers? Here...

3 Truths from Spurgeon about the 1858 Solar Eclipse

Aug 22 Yesterday, the sun darkened above the Spurgeon Library in Kansas City. Did you know that twenty-four-year-old also Spurgeon witnessed a solar eclipse on March 15, 1858? The day before, Spurgeon preached a sermon entitled “The Solar Eclipse.” Here are three truths Spurgeon saw in the solar eclipse.

3 Ways Spurgeon Conquered His Secret Sin

Sep 15 For the past century, Charles Spurgeon’s strengths have often overshadowed his weaknesses. His biographers are largely to blame, painting the preacher as a superhero incapable of vice or vulnerability. Yet warts reveal as much as dimples do.

3 Ways the Holy Spirit Helped Spurgeon Preach

Oct 24 The Holy Spirit makes the dull minds, bright. He makes the dry bones, flesh. And He makes the dead men, live. Only with the Spirit comes an otherworldly power to our otherwise weak and mortal preaching. In terms of sermon delivery, how might the Spirit help us in our weakness? In this guest post, Neal Thornton reveals three ways the Holy Spirit helped Spurgeon preach and how He can help...