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What is God Doing?

May 28 What is God doing during this season of global pandemic? Join us as Daniel Kleven explores what insight Charles Spurgeon might have for our situation.

Sermon of the Week: No. 2077, "The Light of the Glorious Gospel of Christ"

May 20 Charles Spurgeon loved the gospel. Being found in Christ and advancing the gospel was the “one thing worth living for, and that one thing was worthy dying for.” Join us in this Sermon of the Week as Spurgeon meditates on the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ.

On First Looking into Spurgeon's Sermons

May 14 In 1816, poet John Keats wrote a sonnet to describe the delight and awe he experienced when reading the works of Homer in English for the first time. Today, Jason Duesing offers a reflection on reading The Lost Sermons of Spurgeon.

Sermon of the Week: No. 1982, "Love at Its Utmost"

May 12 Charles Spurgeon believed that “In the love of Christ we find our best joy.” He also knew that the “love of Christ” was the “sweetest, fullest, and most profitable” subject which a “preacher can bring before his people.” Join us in this Sermon of the Week as Spurgeon helps us savour the love of Christ.

Spurgeon's Last Inscription

May 7 Charles Spurgeon was famous for penning insightful and witty inscriptions in his books. Join us as Brandon Rhea explores the story behind Spurgeon's final inscription.

Sermon of the Week: No. 1974, "The Suffering Saviour's Sympathy"

May 4 For Charles Haddon Spurgeon, the sympathy of the suffering Saviour was the best balm for any wound. He knew from experience that “[Jesus] is sympathetic above all” and that “There is none so tender as he.” Join us in this Sermon of the Week as Spurgeon reflects on the matchless sympathy of Jesus. 

The Gospel: The Sum and Substance of Spurgeon's Spirituality

Apr 29 Charles Spurgeon’s life and ministry was captivated by the gospel of Jesus Christ. Join us as Nathan Finn and Aaron Lumpkin explore Spurgeon's theologically robust piety which shaped his ministry. A piety which they conclude was Christ-centered, Spirit-driven, and kingdom-focused.

8 Spurgeon Quotes on the Good Life

Apr 23 For Charles Haddon Spurgeon, life was good. But, more importantly, Spurgeon knew that God is good. Join us as Ed Romine explores Spurgeon's thoughts about "the good life."

Sermon of the Week: No. 1959, "The Watchword for To-day: 'Stand Fast'"

Apr 21 Charles Spurgeon was eager for the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. He believed that the promised “glorious resurrection” would “abundantly repay us for all” our “toil and travail.” Join us in this Sermon of the Week as Spurgeon explains how the promised “glorious resurrection” provides confidence for standing fast amidst the troubles of this life.

Sermon of the Week: No. 1877, "Our Own Dear Shepherd"

Apr 6 Charles Spurgeon believed that Jesus Christ was incomparably great and savored the truths found in the parable of the Good Shepherd. Join us in this Sermon of the Week as Spurgeon expounds upon the sweetness of our Good Shepherd.