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Darwinian Evolution and Charles Spurgeon

Apr 24 Charles Spurgeon was 25 years old when Charles Darwin published his famous work Origin of Species. Even while the New Park Street pulpit heralded the Gospel, the words of Darwin contended for the hearts and minds of God’s image bearers. Where did Spurgeon stand on this influential issue? Did he directly confront it?

"The Noble Bereans", Lost Sermon No. 114

Apr 17 Save the incarnation, there is no greater revelation than God’s Bible. A commitment to the Word of God is paramount for faithful ministry. Charles Spurgeon was convinced of this—it was the reason why he died as a theological outcast, forced to leave his association and stand alone as a voice for truth.

6 Ways to Find Contentment in Your Ministry

Apr 12 Finding contentment in the midst of ministry is a challenging task. In today’s world, this difficulty is intensified by our insatiable access to sources of ministry jealousy. After all, who could read about 20-year-old Charles Spurgeon preaching to thousands without being tempted towards resentment? In spite of this potential for temptation, Spurgeon’s own testimony and preaching can encourage weary ministers through restless periods in service to the church.

I Lived In Spurgeon's Birth Home

Apr 10 I first fell in love with Spurgeon while living in the very home that he was born. 

“Jesus’ Dead Body Whilst on the Cross”, Lost Sermon No. 107

Apr 3 In Lost Sermon No. 107, “Jesus’ Dead Body Whilst on the Cross”, the young Cambridgeshire preacher reminds us that “Every step Jesus took was fraught with meaning. There is something grand in littles.”

Spurgeon's Passion for His City

Mar 29 Passion for the mission of God led Spurgeon and his church to saturate the city of London with the life-changing gospel of Jesus. 

Prayer and the Grace of God

Mar 27 Many Christians struggle to pray. Whether it’s with feelings of guilt or shame, the struggle often becomes the question: "why pray at all?" 

Spurgeon on Proclaiming Christ in a Modern Age

Mar 22 Spurgeon preached with a theological vigor and courage that was not often seen in his day. Will you follow his example?

Spurgeon on the Church’s Fight for the Truth

Mar 20 During the hardest time of his life, Charles Spurgeon's church supported him and strengthened him. Here are five ways Spurgeon called the army of the church to engage in her mission.

"The Most Excellent Rock", Lost Sermon No. 127

Mar 19 Some sermons need no introduction. This is true of Spurgeon’s Lost Sermon, No 127, entitled “The Most Excellent Rock”. Charles wastes no time in getting to his main point: God in Christ is a glorious rock, firm and secure always.