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"Count the Cost", Lost Sermon No. 83

Mar 12 Read part of Lost Sermon No. 83, "Count the Cost", and be reminded by Spurgeon that "How much the gain exceeds the loss."

Spurgeon's Orphanage: How One Woman Changed the World

Mar 7 Sara Willcocks of Spurgeons Children’s Charity gives a remarkable account of how an “ordinary” Christian woman left an extraordinary mark on the world.

Meeting Spurgeon in South Korea

Mar 6 A simple name search in the libraries of theological seminaries and Christian colleges in South Korea finds Charles Spurgeon, or "Seupeoljeon" as it is printed and pronounced in Korean, being read widely by students of the Bible.

"The Lord is a King", Lost Sermon No. 86

Mar 5 Read an excerpt from lost sermon no. 86, “The Lord is a King”, where Charles Spurgeon provides Christian subjects everywhere with a royal edict of Jehovah's supreme lordship.

3 Reasons Spurgeon Recommends Commentaries

Mar 1 Spurgeon taught us that nothing can substitute for one’s direct reading and study of the biblical text, but he did not forget or ignore the help of good tools. Let us follow his example.

"Oh that Men Would Praise the Lord", Lost Sermon No. 105

Feb 26 In lost sermon no. 105, “Oh that Men Would Praise the Lord”, we do not find a Spurgeon-wrought hymn, but rather an oratory that functions in a similar way — a call to worship God for his great attributes.

Your Helper in Prayer: Spurgeon on the Holy Spirit

Feb 22 When I think of Charles Spurgeon, my mind goes to one story before anything else. I once heard that when Spurgeon’s depression flared, his wife Susanna propped him up and pushed him back into his chair so he could continue working. I was so taken aback by my imagining of this scene — it made me think about all of the times me and the other women in my family had been that...

What is the Mission of the Church?

Feb 20 May Spurgeon’s approach to missions call the church back to the biblical priority of gospel proclamation. 

"Man's Weakness and God's Strength", Lost Sermon No. 108

Feb 19 Spurgeon’s spiritual strength came from God alone. He knew this well, even as a young preacher, full of confidence and zeal. Read an excerpt from Lost Sermon No. 108, “Man’s Weakness and God’s Strength”. 

The True Appeal of Spurgeon's Preaching

Feb 15 Shortly after turning sixteen, Charles Spurgeon preached his first sermon. Little did theworld know what was afoot: the forty years of ministry that followed produced some of the most remarkable sermons and treatises that will ever be preached.