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Sermon of the Week: No. 612, "Jesus Washing His Disciples' Feet"

Nov 12 Charles Haddon Spurgeon was amazed by the steadfast love of Christ. The same Christ who was girded "with the towel" would soon be "girt with the bands of death" in order to make propitaiton for his people. Spurgeon knew that "Christ's way of rising was going down" and that his abject humiliation would soon lead to unparalleled glorification. In this Sermon of the Week join us as Spurgeon plumbs the...

Sermon of the Week: No. 800, "The Centurion's Faith and Humility"

Nov 5 For Charles Spurgeon, the radical faith of Luke’s Roman centurion reminded him that “The greatest light may enter into the darkest places.” When it came to radical faith Spurgeon knew that often “the best pearls have been found in the darkest caves of ocean." Indeed, niether social or economic class could limit the strength of faith or personal virtue. In this Sermon of the Week join us as Spurgeon expounds upon...

Sermon of the Week: No. 445-446, "Resurrection - Christ the Firstfruits"

Oct 29 For Charles Spurgeon the historical reality of the resurrection was unassailable and essential. Not only was the resurrection "exceedingly well attested," it is also the "very basis of our holy faith." For Spurgeon the "silver thread of resurrection runs through all the blessings...and binds them together." In this Sermon of the Week join us as Spurgeon relishes the richness of the resurrection of Christ.

Sermon of the Week: No. 170, "The Immutability of Christ"

Oct 22 For Charles Spurgeon the immutability of Christ provided a wealth of "useful, consoling, and practical lessons." The trials and tribulations of this changing world left his hearers' "hearts full of misery," but the matchless consolation of Christ provided an immoveable, unshakeable foundation for hope. In this Sermon of the Week join us as Spurgeon meditates upon the sweetness of his immutable, unchanging Lord Jesus Christ.

12 Spurgeon Quotes on Joy

Oct 18 Good stories have good endings. For Charles Spurgeon, the story of Jesus Christ which culminated in the acclamation and glorification of the Redeemer was the very height of joy itself. Indeed, he said  “No joy ever visits my soul like that of knowing that Jesus is highly exalted.” In recognition of Spurgeon's great gladness in Jesus Christ here are twelve quotes regarding joy from the Prince of Preachers.

Sermon of the Week: No. 502, "A Jealous God"

Oct 15 The jealousy of God made Charles Spurgeon tremble with awe. God could not endure to see a creature "made to wear his crown," or the idols in the hearts of men. Indeed, for Spurgeon  one of the hardest "struggles" of the Christian life was to learn this lesson: "Not unto us, not unto us, but unto thy name be glory." In this Sermon of the Week join us as Spurgeon seeks...

Sermon of the Week: No. 228, "The Blood"

Oct 8 Charles Spurgeon reveled in the blood of Jesus Christ. That fountain “drawn from Immanuel’s veins” was the vermillion cement which ensured that “God’s people are always safe.” In this Sermon of the Week join us as Spurgeon explains the precious bounty of the blood of Jesus Christ.

Sermon of the Week: No. 1239, "A Vindication of the Doctrine of Justification by Faith"

Oct 1 Charles Spurgeon treasured the doctrine of justification by faith. However, in Spurgeon’s day the doctrine of justification by faith had come under attack. In this Sermon of the Week join us as Spurgeon engages in a vigorous defense of the doctrine of justification by faith.

Sermon of the Week: No. 958, "Dei Gratia"

Sep 27 Grace.  For Charles Spurgeon, God’s superabounding, overflowing grace was man’s “star of hope,” “wellspring of life,” and the “seed of his future bliss.” He believed that “No truth is more plainly taught” than this: “the salvation of sinners is entirely owing to the grace of God.” In this Sermon of the Week join us as Spurgeon unfolds the riches of the grace of God in Jesus Christ.

Charles Spurgeon - For the Kingdom

Sep 24 Charles Spurgeon loved Christ’s kingdom and longed for its advance.  For Spurgeon, being for the kingdom required a heart for missional local churches. In his view, the missionary mandate of the Great Commission had yoked the two together. Join us as we explore Spurgeon's kingdom centered mindset and see how the "Prince of Preachers" was for the kingdom.