Resources from Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit Volume 16

The Unconquerable King

Sep 4 No one has ever numbered Nebuchadnezzar with the prophets, or believed his language to be inspired. We have before us simply a statement made by an uninspired man, after passing through the most extraordinary experience. He had been among the greatest and proudest of men: he suddenly fell into the condition of a grass-eating ox, by losing his reason ; and upon being restored, he acknowledged publicly the hand of...

Daniel 4:34, 35

Means for Restoring the Banished

Sep 11 THE woman of Tekoah in arguing with David for the recall of his son Absalom, argued with great shrewdness. After craftily entrapping the king by her parable, she then pleaded with him in persuasive terms, the cleverness of which we must admire, though the end aimed at was not consistent with the impartial justice which every magistrate ought to exercise. In effect she pleaded thus— “It is true that Absalom...

2 Samuel 14:14

The Unrivaled Eloquence of Jesus

Sep 17 THE chief priests and Pharisees sent officers to lay hold upon the Saviour, lest his preaching should altogether overthrow their power. While the constables who had mingled with the throng were waiting for an opportunity of arresting the Lord Jesus, they themselves were arrested by his earnest eloquence; they could not take him, for he had fairly taken them, and when they came back without a prisoner, they gave their...

John 7:46

Negotiations for Peace

Sep 18 THESE words were addressed to an admirable congregation, all met with an earnest purpose, all conscious that they were in the presence of God, all like good soil that had been ploughed and prepared for the good seed. Happy preacher to have such a congregation. God make this congregation to be of the same sort. The preacher also was a right faithful messenger from heaven. No sooner did Peter know...

Acts 10:36

Done in a Day, but Wondered at For Ever

Sep 25 WE cull the text from one of Zechariah’s most instructive visions. It is a stone from a diamond field; all the context is rich in precious things, but we cannot, though we would be very glad to do so, linger over them this morning, we must be satisfied with this one brilliant. Taking the text as it stands and by itself, it is evidently descriptive of those long-expected and happy...

Zechariah 3:9, 10

Jesus No Phantom

Oct 2 SOME of the richest comforts are lost to us for want of clear perception. What consolation could be greater to the tempest-tossed disciples than to know their Master was present, and to see him manifestly revealed as Lord of sea as well as land? Yet because they did not discern him clearly, they missed the incomparable consolation. What is worse, at times the dimness of our perception will even turn...

Matthew 14:26

A Most Needful Prayer Concerning the Holy Spirit

Oct 8 THIS Psalm is beyond all others a photograph of penitent David. You have probably seen that interesting slab of stone which bears on its surface indications of the fall of raindrops in a primeval shower: this Psalm preserves the marks of David’s teardrops, for the inspection and instruction of succeeding generations. Or what if I change the figure, and borrow another from an Oriental fable. They said of old, that...

Psalm 51:11

A Singular but Needful Question

Oct 16 JESUS spoke to the impotent man who had been afflicted for thirty-eight years, and enquired of him, “Wilt thou be made whole?” It seems a very strange question to ask. Who would not be made whole? Would the poor man have been lying at the pool if he had not been anxious for healing? Must there not have been in the very look of his face, as he gazed upon...

John 5:6

Think Well and Do Well

Oct 22 THROUGHOUT this Psalm David is labouring under the fear that he should be judged and condemned with the ungodly world. He feels in his own heart that he is not one with the enemies of God, and he shudders lest having hated their society on earth he should be shut up in their company for ever. His agonising prayer is, “Gather not my soul with sinners, nor my life with...

Psalm 26:3

Dei Gratia

Ephesians 1:6