Resources from Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit Volume 31

Fallen Angels a Lesson to Fallen Men

“THESE are ancient things.” Most men hunger after the latest news; let us on this occasion go back upon the earliest records, and think of the hoar past, before man was made. It does us good to look back upon the past of God’s dealings with his creatures; herein lies the value of history. We should not confine our attention to God’s dealings with men, but we should observe how...

2 Peter 2:4

All or None; or, Compromises Refused: A Sermon with Five Texts

I SHALL have five texts— one of them a good one, the other four bad.The first text is good. It is God’s text. Exodus x. 26:— “There shall not an hoof be left behind.” That is God’s text, and the whole sermon will illustrate it by exposing the compromises with which it was met.      The other four are Pharaoh’s texts, or, if you like, the devil’s, for that is...

Exodus 8:25-28