Resources from Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit Volume 41

The Last Sermon for the Year

Dec 26 THE first part of this text applies to us all; the second part will apply to each one of us before long. “Give an account of thy stewardship,” is a command that may be addressed to the ungodly. They are accountable to God for all that they have, or ever have had, or ever shall have. The law of the Lord is nut relaxed because they have sinned; they still...

Luke 16:2

Love’s Climax

Jan 30 To find love, you had need send a lover; one whose soul is full of love is the most likely to discover it. John, with love in his heart, soars aloft, and using his eagle eye, looks over all history, and all space, and at last he poises himself over one spot, for he has found that for which he was looking, and he says, “Herein is love.” There is...

1 John 4:10

The Blessings of Public Worship

Feb 3 THIS is called a parable; yet it is rather an incident, an anecdote, a statement of facts. You will observe that our Lord never used a fable. Fables may be employed to set forth that which is earth-born; but the parable, which is in itself true, is alone adapted to set forth spiritual truths. I say this just now because, the other day, I read an assertion that the story...

Luke 18:10

Eternal Life!

Feb 6 OUR subject this morning was concerning laying hold on eternal life; and I thought that I would say a little more to-night about eternal life. Many people, when they hear or read that expression, suppose that it means heaven; it does mean that, but it means much more. Eternal life commences here; it begins in the believer as soon as he is born again. Then he receives into him that...

John 17:3

"Out of Darkness Into Light."

Feb 13 THIS, of course, is a prophecy of what the Messiah would do. The Lord Jesus Christ, when he came among the sons of men, was to open the prison doors, and to say to the prisoners, “Go forth,” and to those who, in addition to being in prison, were in a dark cell, shut away from the light, he was to say, “Shew yourselves.”

Isaiah 49:9

The Mediation of Moses

Feb 17 I SUPPOSE that I need not say that this verse speaks after the manner of men. I do not know after what other manner we can speak. To speak of God after the manner of God, is reserved for God himself; and mortal men could not comprehend such speech. In this sense, the Lord often speaks, not according to literal fact, but according to the appearance of things to us,...

Exodus 32:14

Thy First Love

Feb 20 THIS was the word of Jehovah to his ancient people; he remembered the faithfulness and earnestness of Israel when the nation was first born, and came out of Egypt under Moses, and went after God into “the waste howling wilderness.” Alas, in after years, they would not obey, or trust, or rejoice in God! He therefore tells the prophet Jeremiah to say to them that he remembers their better days;...

Jeremiah 2:2

The Child of Light and the Works of Darkness

Feb 24 SINS, especially the grosser vices, are “works of darkness.” They delight in concealment, they are not fit to be soon, they flourish in the darkness of the unrenewed heart, they are most fully maintained in the ignorance of a soul that is without the knowledge of the ever-blessed God. They are also works of darkness, because those who follow them have a sad life of it, after all; they are...

Ephesians 5:11

Number 2,400; or, Escape for thy life!

Feb 27 THE Lord himself said to Lot, “Escape for thy life,” although the command was sent by one of his chosen messengers. God has messengers nowadays; and he still sends by them short, sharp, urgent, stimulating messages like this, “Escape for thy life.” This message was sent in love. God loved Lot, and therefore he would save him from the impending doom of Sodom. I doubt not that this message of...

Genesis 19:17

Under Arrest

Mar 3 THIS is a condensed history of the Jews before the gospel was fully preached to them. Before the clear and plain revelation of the way of salvation— that is to say, before Jesus Christ himself actually appeared among the sons of men— the Hebrew nation was put under the tutorship and governance of the Mosaic law. So far as salvation was to be obtained by it, that law was a...

Galatians 3:23