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Sorrow at the Cross Turned into Joy

Nov 3 WE were singing just now a hymn in which the first verse started a difficult question— “‘It is finish’d;’ shall we raise Songs of sorrow, or of praise? Mourn to see the Saviour die,   Or proclaim his victory?” The case is very well argued in the second and third verses— “If of Calvary we tell, How can songs of triumph swell?

John 16:20-22

Receiving the Kingdom of God as Little Child

Oct 20 WHEN our Lord blessed the little children he was making his last journey to Jerusalem. It was thus a farewell blessing which he gave to the little ones, and it reminds us of the fact that among his parting words to his disciples, before he was taken up, we find the tender charge, “Feed my lambs.” The ruling passion was strong upon the great Shepherd of Israel, “who gathereth the...

Luke 18:17

The Hope Laid Up in Heaven

Oct 13 THREE graces should be always conspicuous in Christians— faith, love, and hope. They are each mentioned by Paul in the opening verses of the epistle from which our text is taken. These lovely graces should be so conspicuous in every believer as to be spoken of, and consequently heard of even by those who have never seen us. These flowers should yield so sweet a perfume that their fragrance may...

Colossians 1:5

Others to be Gathered

Oct 6 GOD’S work now is that of gathering. There was a time when it was scattering. Man built the tower of Babel, which was intended to be the centre of unity, the armoury of power, and the seat of dominion, whence some mighty Nimrod might sway his sceptre over all the human race: but the Lord would not have it so. Infinite wisdom baffled finite ambition. Man’s centre is not God’s...

Isaiah 56:8

What the Church Should Be

Sep 29 PAUL’S design in this epistle was to instruct young Timothy how he should behave himself in the church of God, so as to discharge his office as minister, evangelist, and pastor with honour to himself and profit to the people. He reminds him that the church is the house of God, and in God’s own house a man ought to be upon his best behaviour, for it is no light...

1 Timothy 3:15

Adoption- The Spirit and the Cry

Sep 22 We do not find the doctrine of the Trinity in Unity set forth in Scripture in formal terms, such as those which are employed in the Athanasian creed; but the truth is continually taken for granted, as if it were a fact well known in the church of God. If not laid down very often, in so many words, it is everywhere held in solution, and it is mentioned incidentally,...

Galatians 4:6


Sep 15 BERNARD has delightfully said that the name of Jesus is honey in the mouth, melody in the ear, and joy in the heart. I rejoice in that expression on my own account, for it gives me my share of the delight, and leads me to hope that, while I am speaking, the sweetness of the precious name of Jesus may fill my own mouth. Here also is a portion for...

Matthew 1:21

Divine Interpositions

Sep 8 I do not know how you feel, my brethren, at this time, but as for myself, a heavy cloud seems to hang over me all the day. The overwhelming calamity of last Tuesday, so crushing and so far reaching, of which we must have spoken to each other, I suppose, every hour during the past week, cannot be removed from the thoughts of our minds or from the affections of...

Psalm 18:16

An Anxious Enquiry for a Beloved Son

Sep 5 This was said by David after a great battle in which many had been slain, and the hosts led by Absalom had fallen to the number of twenty thousand; perishing not only by the sword, but among the thick oaks and tangled briers of the wood, which concealed fearful precipices and great caverns, into which the rebels plunged in their wild fright when the rout set in. His father's anxious...

2 Samuel 18:29

The Message from the Lord's Mouth

Sep 1 IN most places the seasons in the church are the reverse of those of nature. Our wintry season generally comes when our hearers are busy in the fields, or resting in their summer retreats, and our harvest time for the ingathering of souls comes to us in the winter, when during the long evenings the people can come together, and special meetings for prayer and exhortation can be held. Just...

Ezekiel 3:17