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Cheering Words

Dec 22 THE Saviour was about to leave his disciples, and this was the hardest trial which they had ever experienced. As there could be no trial to them like the loss of the Saviour’s presence, it was at this time Jesus brought forth his richest consolation. He seems to have kept the best wine and the most potent cordial till the time when their spirits most required to be comforted. He...

John 15:9

The Determination of Christ to Suffer for His People

Dec 15 OUR Saviour, before he was nailed to the cross, and on the cross, several times had drinks of different sorts offered to him. Whilst they were nailing him to the cross, they endeavoured to make him drink wine, or vinegar as it is called, mingled with gall; and when he had tasted of it, — he did taste it,— he would not drink it When he was on the cross,...

Mark 15:23