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Songs in the Night

Feb 27 ELIHU was a wise man, exceedingly wise, though not as wise as the all-wise Jehovah, who sees light in the clouds, and finds order in confusion; hence Elihu, being much puzzled at beholding Job so afflicted, cast about him to find the cause of it, and he very wisely hit upon one of the most likely reasons, although it did not happen to be the right one in Job’s case....

Job 35:10

The Spiritual Resurrection

Jan 30 PERHAPS the legitimate topic of this discourse, after such a text, ought to be the resurrection of the dead. Lazarus had died, — he had lain in his grave; at the invitation of his sisters, Jesus Christ came to see them; and his visit answered the double purpose of comforting the bereaved and restoring the dead. It would be a blessed and an excellent topic were we for a little...

John 11:43-44