Resources from Isaiah

The Value and Rank of the Believer

ONE of the worst mistakes we could make would be to judge our condition before God by our outward circumstances. Know ye not that the ungodly have their portion in this life? They increase in riches: their eyes stand out with fatness; they have more than heart can wish. They are not in trouble like other men, “neither are they plagued like other men,” therefore pride compasses them about as...

Isaiah 43:4

Beauty for Ashes

Jan 29      When soldiers are on the march, or advancing to the battle, military men think it wise to let the trumpet sound, that the warriors may be stimulated by the thrilling music. Many a weary soldier has tramped on with new vigor when the band has struck up a lively march, or a soul-moving tune. In the midst of our present Christian service, my brethren, when I trust all...

Isaiah 61:3

North and South

Jan 28      In the fulness of the promised days when the Jews shall be restored from their wanderings, and all the seed of Jacob shall again meet in their own land, God in his mighty providence will speak to all the nations, saying: "To the north, Give up; and to the south, Keep not back;" and at the divine bidding free passage shall be given, all lets and hindrances shall...

Isaiah 43:6

A New Order of Priests and Levites

Jan 15      This chapter is surrounded with critical difficulties, and yet it is full of spiritual instruction. The verse before us is by some referred to Gentiles, and supposed to mean that the Lord promises that he will take out of the heathen nations a people whom he will make into priests and Levites. Others would say it points to the Jews, rejected for their unbelief and dispersed in judgment...

Isaiah 66:21

Victor Emmanuel, Emancipator

Jan 11      On a former occasion* we contemplated the unconverted man as being bound by the cords of his sins. It was a very solemn and sorrowful topic. I trust it humbled us all, and made those of us whom the Son has made free, feel renewed gratitude for the glorious liberty of the children of God. Sad was the spectacle of the dungeon and the fetters, and the felon...

Isaiah 42:7

Clearing the Road to Heaven

Oct 21 “GATHER out the stones” — that is to say, out of the King’s highway. Clear the road; make room for coming sinners; take away all stumbling blocks; make the gospel plain and simple, and come to the help of those who find hindrances and impediments in their progress to the Saviour. Such stones are there, and Satan tries to increase their number; the Lord’s servants must gather them out. That...

Isaiah 62:10

Free Pardon

Oct 21 THIS extraordinary passage is rendered the more remarkable from its connection, for it follows a description of the sins of God’s people, a description which mentions their sins of omission in that they had neglected the service of the Most High, and their sins of commission in that they had gone so far in breaking God’s law that they had even made him to serve with their sins, and had...

Isaiah 43:25

Healing and Pardon

Isaiah 33:24