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The Door

Jun 15 How very condescendingly the Lord Jesus Christ sets himself forth! The noblest figures of speech are not too lofty to describe his merits. If we could speak with the tongues of poets and of angels, we could not adequately represent his loveliness; and though the writers of the Scriptures, inspired by the Holy Ghost, have used language which exceeds all other in majesty and beauty, even they are notable to...

John 10:9

Greater Things Yet. Who Shall See Them

Jun 8 WE cannot help making a few remarks upon the narrative before we proceed to the distinct subject of discourse. Certain catch words are exceedingly worthy of notice, since they are abundantly full of instruction. When Nathanael had doubts as to whether the Messiah could come from Nazareth, Philip answered him, “Come and see.” Now, those were the precise words which the Lord Jesus had himself used to his earliest disciples...

John 1:50-51

A Prepared Place for a Prepared People

May 25 MY real text is not in the Bible; it is one of those Christian proverbs, which are not inspired in words, but the spirit of which is inspired, “Heaven is a prepared place for a prepared people.” You have often heard that sentence; it is familiar in your mouths as household words, and well it may be.      Yet I shall have two texts from the Scriptures; the first will...

John 14:2

The Glory, Unity, and Triumphs of the Church

May 4 SOME words serve diverse uses and have many meanings. We are very apt to make mistakes if we give the same sense in all places to the same word. The word “world” throughout Scripture is used with a very remarkable variety of meaning, and one had need to have his wits about him, and to read carefully, in order to know what is the precise force of the term in...

John 17:22-23

Pray, Always Pray

Nov 3 THE present time, in which we live, is highly favoured, and ought to be highly valued. Let us never grudge the patriarchs their communion with God, when sometimes he spake personally into their ear, or revealed himself visibly to them. Blessed are our eyes, for they see, and our ears, for they hear the things which kings and prophets waited for in vain. That which was denied to them has...

John 16:26-27

Sorrow at the Cross Turned into Joy

Nov 3 WE were singing just now a hymn in which the first verse started a difficult question— “‘It is finish’d;’ shall we raise Songs of sorrow, or of praise? Mourn to see the Saviour die,   Or proclaim his victory?” The case is very well argued in the second and third verses— “If of Calvary we tell, How can songs of triumph swell?

John 16:20-22

The Shortest of the Seven Cries

Apr 14 It was most fitting that every word of our Lord upon the cross should be gathered up and preserved. As not a bone of him shall be broken, so not a word shall be lost. The Holy Spirit took special care that each of the sacred utterances should be fittingly recorded. There were, as you know, seven of those last words, and seven is the number of perfection and fulness;...

John 19:28

The Golden Prayer

Dec 30 IN the first part of my discourse this morning I shall strictly keep to my text, as the words of our Lord Jesus Christ, and endeavour to show what it teaches us with regard to him. These are his own words, and it would be robbery to borrow them until first we have seen what they meant as they fell from his lips. Their most golden meaning must be seen...

John 12:28

The Evidence of Our Lord’s Wounds

Dec 2 AMONG US at this day we have many persons who are like Thomas— dubious, demanding signs and tokens, suspicious, and ofttimes sad. I am not sure that there is not a slight touch of Thomas in most of us. There are times and seasons when the strong man fails, and when the firm believer has to pause a while, and say, “Is it so?” It may be that our meditation...

John 20:27

The Righteous Father Known and Loved

Oct 14 THESE are the last sentences of our Lord’s most wonderful prayer. May they not be regarded as the flower and crown of the whole intercession? Minds usually burn and glow and reach their highest fervour as they proceed, and it will not be wrong to conceive of the Saviour as having here reached the climax of his pleading, the summit of his supplication. He has kept the best wine until...

John 17:25, 26