Sermons from Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit Volume 37

The Obedience of Faith

Hebrews 9:8

A Challenge and a Shield

Romans 8:34

A Call to Prayer and Testimony

Isaiah 14:3

Entangled in the Land

Exodus 14:3

Jehovah-Shammah: A Glorious Name for the New Year

Ezekiel 48:35

A Gracious Dismissal

Luke 7:50

A Private Enquiry

1 Samuel 3:17

Our Manifesto

Galatians 1:11

Jesus: ‘All Blessing and All Blest.

Psalm 72:17

Abraham’s Trial: a lesson for Believers

Genesis 22:1

God’s Glorious and Everlasting Name

Isaiah 63:12, 14

Bit and Bridle: How to Escape Them

Psalm 32:8-9

Loved and Laved

Revelation 1:5, 6

Believing on Jesus, and its Counterfeits

John 8:30-32

Is the Spirit of the Lord Straitened?

Micah 2:7

The Law’s Failure and Fulfilment

Romans 8:3-4

The Joyous Return

Hosea 14:1-3

Three Decisive Steps

1 Samuel 7:2-5

A Poor Man’s Cry, and What Came of It

Psalm 34:6

The First Last, and the Last First

Matthew 19:30

Between the Two Appearings

Hebrews 9:26-28

Lay hold on Eternal Life!

1 Timothy 6:12


Matthew 21:9

The Private Thoughts and Words of Jesus

Matthew 20:17-19

Christ’s Resurrection and Our Newness of Life

Romans 6:4

A Clarion Call to Saints and Sinners

Micah 2:10

The Census of Israel

Numbers 26:63-65

The Best Donation

2 Corinthians 8:5

The Covenant Promise of the Spirit

Ezekiel 36:27

A Warrant for Your Apprehension

Zephaniah 2:5

The Sword of the Spirit

Ephesians 6:17

Honey in the Mouth!

John 16:14-15

‘Lo, I Come’: Exposition

Psalm 49:6-8

‘Lo, I Come’: Application

Psalm 40:7

An Urgent Request for an Immediate Answer

Genesis 24:49

Sin: Its Spring-head, Stream, and Sea

Psalm 116:7

Both Sides of the Shield

Exodus 17:8-9

My Times are in thy Hand

Psalm 31:15

Redemption through Blood, the Gracious Forgiveness of Sins

Ephesians 1:7

The Statute of David for the Sharing of the Spoil

1 Samuel 30:21-25

God Rejoicing in the New Creation

Isaiah 65:17-19

Barriers Broken Down

Romans 10:3

Young Man! A Prayer for You

2 Kings 6:17

The Lad’s Loaves in the Lord’s Hands

John 6:11

A Harp of Ten Strings

Luke 1:46, 47

If Thou Canst.” “If Thou Canst

Mark 9:22, 23

Wanted! — Volunteers

2 Chronicles 2 Chronicles 17:16

Christ’s Motive and Ours

2 Corinthians 8:9

Am I a Sea, or a Whale?

The Best Strengthening Medicine

Hebrews 11:34

Lydia, the First European Convert

Acts 16:14

Three Names High on the Muster-Roll

Daniel 3:16-18

The Agreement of Salvation By Grace With Walking in Good Works

Ephesians 2:9-10

Our Expectation

Isaiah 53:10

Israel's Hope; or, the Centre of the Target

Psalm 130:7

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