Sermons by 1860

The Cleansing of the Leper

Leviticus 13:12-13

A Merry Christmas

Job 1:4-5

Sweet Stimulants for the Fainting Soul

Psalm 42:6

A Blow at Self-Righteousness

Job 9:20


Ezekiel 9:8

The Wailing of Risca

Jeremiah 4:20

A Refreshing Canticle.

Song of Solomon 1:4

Consolation in Christ

Philippians 2:1

Preaching! Man's Privilege and God's Power!

Mark 6:20

All-Sufficiency Magnified

Philippians 4:13

Self-Sufficiency Slain

John 15:5

Tender Words of Terrible Apprehension

Psalm 9:17

A Basket of Summer Fruit

Amos 8:1-2

The High Priest Standing Between the Dead and the Living

Numbers 16:47-48


Judges 5:12

The Sons of God

Romans 8:16-17

Love to Jesus

Song of Solomon 1:7

Struggles of Conscience

Job 13:23

A Single Eye and Simple Faith

Matthew 6:22-23

Man's Weakness, and God's Annointing

2 Samuel 3:39

Three Homilies from One Text

Matthew 4:23-25

Reigning Grace

Romans 5:21

The Proceedings of the Great Meeting in the Metropolitan Tabernacle

Christ's First and Last Subject

Matthew 4:17

True Prayer- True Power!

Mark 11:24

Vessels of Mercy,-A Sermon of Self-Examination

Romans 9:23-24

Sin Slain

Judges 4:22

Everywhere and Yet Forgotten

Job 12:9-10

Perfect Justification and Perfect Pardon

Jeremiah 1:20

Christ’s Love for His Vineyard

Song of Solomon 8:12

Constraining Love!

Psalm 31:23

High Doctrine

2 Corinthians 5:18

Characteristics of Faith

John 4:48

Vile Ingratitude!

Ezekiel 16:1-2

A Sense of Pardoned Sin

Isaiah 38:17

The Teaching of the Holy Ghost

John 14:26

Peace at Home, and Prosperity Abroad

Psalm 147:14-15

Terrible Convictions and Gentle Drawings

Psalm 32:3-4

Personal Service

Psalm 116:16

The Sojourn in Mesech

Psalm 120:5

The Beginning, Increase, and End of the Divine Life

Job 8:7

Effects of Sound Doctrine

Matthew 24:24

Full Redemption

Exodus 10:26

A Divine Challenge!

Exodus 8:1

Christ—Our Substitute

2 Corinthians 5:21

The Parable of the Sower

Luke 8:4-8

Importance of Small Things in Religion

1 Chronicles 15:13

The Jeer of Sarcasm, and the Retort of Piety

2 Samuel 6:20-22

The Church a Mother

Isaiah 49:20, 21


1 Corinthians 15:35-38

Separating the Precious from the Vile

Exodus 11:7


Philippians 4:11

Memento Mori

Deuteronomy 32:29

Election and Holiness

Deuteronomy 10:14-16

Jesus About His Father's Business

John 4:34

A Blast of the Trumpet Against False Peace

Jeremiah 6:14

Spiritual Peace

John 14:27

Sin Immeasurable

Psalm 19:12

Mr. Evil Questioning Tried and Executed

2 Kings 5:12

A Revival Sermon

Amos 9:13

The Treasure of Grace

Ephesians 1:7

A Home Question

2 Chronicles 28:10

Special Thanksgiving to the Father

Colossians 1:12-13

The King's Highway Opened and Cleared

Acts 16:31

The Minister’s Trumpet-blast and Church-member’s Warning

Hosea 8:1, 2

A New Year's Benediction

1 Peter 5:10

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