Sermons by 1863

Alpha and Omega

Revelation 22:13

The Holy Child, Jesus

Acts 4:30

Lessons from Lydia's Conversion

Acts 16:13-14

Once a Curse but Now a Blessing

Zechariah 8:13

Paul-His Cloak and His Books

2 Timothy 4:13

Direction in Dilemma

Exodus 14:13

The Lambs and Their Shepherd

Isaiah 40:11

Heavenly Love-Sickness!

Song of Solomon 5:8

The Ship on Fire - A Voice of Warning

Genesis 19:17&19

Caleb- The Man For the Times

Numbers 14:24


Ezekiel 35:10

Encourage Your Minister

Deuteronomy 1:38

Forward! Forward! Forward!

Exodus 14:15

Ben-Hadad's Escape- An Encouragement for Sinners

1 Kings 20:31-34

The Mighty Power Which Creates and Sustains Faith

Ephesians 1:19-23

The Queen of the South, or the Earnest Enquirer

Matthew 12:42

Thanksgiving and Prayer

Psalm 65:11

The Warrant of Faith

1 John 3:23

The Cedars of Lebanon

Psalm 104:16

Chastisement- Now and Afterwards

Hebrews 12:11

The Red Heifer

Numbers 19:2-3

Am I Sought Out?

Isaiah 62:12

The Saint's Horror at the Sinner's Hell

Psalm 26:9

Mealtime in the Cornfields

Ruth 2:14

The Power of Aaron's Rod

Exodus 7:12

From Death to Life

1 Samuel 2:6

Confession with the Mouth

Romans 10:10

Believing with the Heart

Romans 10:10

The Bridgeless Gulf

Luke 16:26

The Keeper of the Vineyard

Isaiah 27:3

The Rainbow

Genesis 9:16

The Sinner's Advocate

1 John 2:1

Tell It All

Mark 5:33

The Young Man's Prayer

Psalm 90:14

A Precious Drop of Honey

Isaiah 49:16


Acts 2:1-4

"Lead Us Not Into Temptation"

Matthew 6:13

Comfort to Seekers from What the Lord Has Not Said

Isaiah 45:19

The Power of Prayer and the Pleasure of Praise

2 Corinthians 1:11-12

Strong Meat

Hebrews 5:14

I Know That My Redeemer Liveth

Job 19:25-27

The Root of the Matter

Job 19:28

Death and Life in Christ

Romans 6:8-11

A Jealous God

Exodus 34:14

Grace Abounding

Hosea 14:4


1 Samuel 7:12

The Gladness of the Man of Sorrows

Psalm 45:7-8

The Procession of Sorrow

John 19:16

A Comforting Message for the Closing Year

Psalm 37:7

The Greatest Trial on Record

Psalm 2:2

The Betrayal

Luke 22:47-48

Patients for the Great Physician

Luke 5:31


Luke 22:44

Nominal Christians—Real Infidels

John 8:46

Gracious Renewal

Psalm 51:10

Broad Rivers and Streams

Isaiah 33:20-23

A Tempted Saviour—Our Best Succour

Hebrews 2:18

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