Sermons from Genesis

The Life, Walk, and Triumph of Faith

Genesis 17:1-2

To Those Who are Angry with Their Godly Friends

Genesis 4:6-7

Delay is Dangerous

Genesis 24:55

Am I My Brother's Keeper?

Genesis 4:9

Eyes Opened

Genesis 21:19

The God of Bethel

Genesis 31:13

Family Reformation; Or, Jacob's Second Visit to Bethel

Genesis 35:1

Christ the Conqueror of Satan

Genesis 3:15

A Family Sermon

Genesis 7:1

A Welcome Discovery

Genesis 21:19

Thorns and Thistles

Genesis 3:18

An Urgent Request for an Immediate Answer

Genesis 24:49

"Thou Art Now the Blessed of the Lord"

Genesis 26:29

Abraham’s Trial: a lesson for Believers

Genesis 22:1

The Serpent's Sentence

Genesis 3:14-15

The Unchanging God Cheering Jacob in His Change of Dwelling-place

Genesis 46:1-4

By the Fountain

Genesis 49:22

No Compromise

Genesis 24:5-8

A Discourse to the Despairing

Genesis 42:1-2

The Weary Dove’s Return

Genesis 8:9

Abram’s Call; or, Half-way and All the Way

Genesis 11:31 & 12:5

Driving Away the Vultures from the Sacrifice

Genesis 15:11

A Bit of History for Old and Young

Genesis 48:15-16

Number 2,400; or, Escape for thy life!

Genesis 19:17

Jacob and Doubting Souls—A Parallel

Genesis 45:28

The Master-Key, Opening the Gate of Heaven

Genesis 32:12

The Sermon of the Seasons

Genesis 8:22

Hagar at the Fountain

Genesis 16:13-14

Abraham’s Double Blessing

Genesis 12:2

Jesus and his Brethren

Genesis 45:1-5


Genesis 22:14

Humility the Friend of Prayer

Genesis 32:10

A Boundless Benediction

Genesis 49:25

Shut In or Shut Out

Genesis 7:16

A Miniature Portrait of Joseph

Genesis 39:2

Four Choice Sentences

Genesis 28:15

I Have Enough

Genesis 33:9, 11

Manhanaim, or Hosts of Angels

Genesis 32:1

Jacob’s Fear and Faith

Genesis 32:11-12

Jacob’s Fear and Faith

Genesis 32:11-12

Abraham’s Great Reward

Genesis 15:1


Genesis 5:21-24

How God Comes to Man

Genesis 3:8-9

The First Day of Creation

Genesis 1:4

Hastening Lot

Genesis 19:15


Genesis 49:10

Compassion for Souls

Genesis 21:16

Mature Faith—Illustrated by Abraham's Offering Up Isaac

Genesis 22:2

Consecration to God - Illustrated by Abraham’s Circumcision

Genesis 17:1-2

Justification by Faith- Illustrated by Abram's Righteousness

Genesis 15:6

Effectual Calling - Illustrated by the Call of Abram

Genesis 12:5

“Do Not Sin Against the Child.”

Genesis 42:22

All these Things—A Sermon with Three Texts

Genesis 42:36

Lingerers Hastened

Genesis 19:16

Sermons from Saintly Death Beds

Genesis 49:33

The Blood of Abel and the Blood of Jesus

Genesis 4:10; Hebrews 12:24

Eyes Opened

Genesis 21:19; Luke 24:31

Have You Forgotten Him?

Genesis 41:9

Light, Natural and Spiritual

Genesis 1:1-5

The Dove's Return to the Ark

Genesis 8:9

Human Depravity and Divine Mercy

Genesis 8:21

A New Leaf for the New Year

Genesis 42:21

The Smoke of their Torments

Genesis 19:27-28

A Solemn Enquiry Concerning our Families

Genesis 19:12

Jesus Meeting His Warriors

Genesis 14:18-20

The Ship on Fire - A Voice of Warning

Genesis 19:17&19

The Rainbow

Genesis 9:16

Am I Clear of His Blood?

Genesis 4:10

Joseph and His Brethren

Genesis 45:3-5

Abram and the Ravenous Birds

Genesis 15:11

God's First Words to the First Sinner

Genesis 3:9

Jacob's Waking Exclamation

Genesis 28:16

Little Sins

Genesis 19:20

Corn in Egypt

Genesis 42:1-2


Genesis 49:4

The Flight to Zoar

Genesis 19:23


Genesis 16:13

Joseph Attacked by the Archers

Genesis 49:23, 24

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