Sermons from Matthew

A Great Bargain

Matthew 13:45-46

"Lead Us Not Into Temptation"

Matthew 6:13

How to Read the Bible

Matthew 12:3-7

A Visit to the Tomb

Matthew 28:6

The Sinner's Friend

Matthew 11:19

How to Become Fishers of Men

Matthew 4:19

Offended with Christ

Matthew 6:6

The Plain Man's Pathway to Peace

Matthew 9:27-30

The Final Separation

Matthew 25:32

Nevertheless. Hereafter.

Matthew 26:64

Work for Jesus

Matthew 21:28

The Garden of the Soul

Matthew 26:36

An Awful Premonition

Matthew 16:28

The Three Hours' Darkness

Matthew 27:45

First Things First

Matthew 6:33

The History of Little-Faith

Matthew 14:31

First Healing and Then Service

Matthew 8:14-15

May I?

Matthew 9:21

How to Meet the Doctrine of Election

Matthew 15:24-25

The Children and Their Hosannas

Matthew 21:15-16

A Heavenly Pattern for Our Earthly Life

Matthew 6:10

The New Year's Guest

Matthew 25:35

The Lord with Two or Three

Matthew 18:20

The Voice from the Cloud and the Voice of the Beloved

Matthew 17:5-7


Matthew 7:12

The Star and the Wise Men

Matthew 2:1-10

Out of Egypt

Matthew 2:14-15

The Perpetuity of the Law of God

Matthew 5:18

Pilate and Ourselves Guilty of the Savior's Death

Matthew 27:24-25

The Dream of Pilate's Wife

Matthew 27:19

With the Disciples on the Lake of Galilee

Matthew 8:27

Christ's Word With You

Matthew 11:28

The Nazarene and the Sect of the Nazarenes

Matthew 2:23

The Candle

Matthew 5:15-16

The Candle

Matthew 5:15-16

More and More, or Less and Less

Matthew 13:12

The Withered Hand

Matthew 12:10-13


Matthew 1:21

The Chief Physician and the Centurion's Servant

Matthew 8:13

No Difference

Matthew 6:45

Over Against the Sepulchre

Matthew 27:61

Sheep Among Wolves

Matthew 10:16

Our Lord's Question to the Blind Men

Matthew 9:27-30

Rest for the Labouring

Matthew 11:28

The Little Dogs

Matthew 15:26,27

One Greater than the Temple

Matthew 12:6

God With Us

Matthew 1:23

Infallibility - Where to Find It and How to Use It

Matthew 4:4

The Power of the Risen Saviour

Matthew 28:18-20

The Crown of Thorns

Matthew 27:29

The Sieve

Matthew 7:21

The Gentleness of Jesus

Matthew 12:19, 20, 21

Harvest Men Wanted

Matthew 9:37, 38; 10:1

The Light of the World

Matthew 5:14

The Heart of Jesus

Matthew 11:29

Questions of the Day and the Question of the Day

Matthew 22:42

Another Royal Procession

Matthew 21:5

A Call to Holy Living

Matthew 5:47

Light for Those Who Sit in Darkness

Matthew 4:15, 16

The Wedding Garment

Matthew 22:11-14

The Parable of the Wedding Feast

Matthew 22:2, 3, 4

Rest, Rest

Matthew 11:28-30

The Sages, The Star, and The Saviour

Matthew 2:2

Jesus No Phantom

Matthew 14:26

A Blessed Wonder

Matthew 8:10

Jesus Only

Matthew 17:8

The Two Builders and Their Houses

Matthew 7:24-27

Voices from the Excellent Glory

Matthew 3:16, 17; 17:5; John 12:28

The Stone Rolled Away

Matthew 28:2

The Angelic Life

Matthew 22:30

The Altar

Matthew 23:19

Hope in Hopeless Cases

Matthew 17:17

Noah's Flood

Matthew 24:39

A Sermon to Open Neglectors and Nominal Followers of Religion

Matthew 21:28-32

The Heart- A Den of Evil

Matthew 15:19

Temptations on the Pinnacle

Matthew 4:5-7

The Reward of the Righteous

Matthew 25:31-36

Early and Late, or Horae Gratiae

Matthew 20:1, 3, 5, 6

The Great Physician and His Patients

Matthew 9:12

Enduring to the End

Matthew 10:22

A Desperate Case - How to Meet it

Matthew 17:19-21

The Queen of the South, or the Earnest Enquirer

Matthew 12:42

"Lead Us Not Into Temptation"

Matthew 6:13

Compassion for the Multitude

Matthew 14:17,18

The Weeding of the Garden

Matthew 15:13

The Peacemaker

Matthew 5:9

The Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem

Matthew 21:5

Even So, Father!

Matthew 11:25-26

The Missionaries' Charge and Charta

Matthew 28:18,19

A Single Eye and Simple Faith

Matthew 6:22-23

Three Homilies from One Text

Matthew 4:23-25

Christ's First and Last Subject

Matthew 4:17

Effects of Sound Doctrine

Matthew 24:24

A Woman's Memorial

Matthew 26:13

The Meek and Lowly One

Matthew 11:28-30

Holy Violence

Matthew 11:12

Mr. Fearing Comforted

Matthew 14:31

The Fatherhood of God

Matthew 6:9


Matthew 10:30

Particular Redemption

Matthew 20:28

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