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10 Lessons from Spurgeon on Luther’s Life and Ministry

Oct 26 Charles Spurgeon acknowledged that Luther “was not an absolutely perfect man” and “we neither endorse all that he said nor admire all that he did.” And yet God used this imperfect servant (as we all are) to recover the message of justification by faith alone, which was nothing less than a recovery of the gospel of grace. By this message, Luther “unlocked the dungeons of the human mind, and set...

10 Most Tweeted Spurgeon Quotes for July

Jul 27 Charles Spurgeon didn’t need more than 140 characters to communicate the gospel. That’s probably why Spurgeon is one of the most tweeted evangelical preachers on the Internet. His rhetoric pulled no punches and packed a punch. His words cut soul deep. My good friend and Spurgeon fan, Kerry Allen, curates @SPURGEONdotUS and has graciously given me access to the most popular Spurgeon quotes for July. Here is a list...

10 Public Speaking Tips from Charles Spurgeon

Aug 29 What was Spurgeon’s secret? How did the “Prince of Preachers” master the art of public speaking? Here are ten tips from Spurgeon’s lecture “On the Voice” (Lectures to My Students 11:117-135).

10 Spurgeon Quotes for Dealing with Betrayal

Sep 28 On April 23, 1888, Charles Spurgeon was betrayed by his brother, James.

10 Spurgeon Quotes for the New School Year

Aug 24 A new school year has just begun. For students and teachers, life just got busy again. There are classes, papers, meetings, and a constellation of other responsibilities that we must squeeze into our schedules.   For those juggling the tasks of a new academic semester, here are ten Spurgeon quotes to keep us spiritually and intellectually on the right track.   

10 Spurgeon Quotes for Wounded Christians

Sep 5 Even in the heat of public criticism, character assassination, physical setbacks, and emotional challenges, Spurgeon experienced the warm kindness of God.

10 Spurgeon Quotes on Contentment

May 16 Contentment is profoundly simple but incredibly difficult to practice.  In a culture dominated by distractions  such as social media, true contentment can seem impossible to achieve. In recognition of Spurgeon’s remarkable contentment in the midst of difficulty and suffering, here are ten quotes from the “Prince of Preachers.”

10 Spurgeon Quotes on Dying Well

Jun 29 Death didn’t catch Charles Spurgeon off guard. The pastor spent his whole life dying every day. Here are ten Spurgeon quotes for those who want to die well.    

10 Ways Prayer Will Change Your Life

Nov 2 D. L. Moody once said to hear Spurgeon preach was a blessing, but to hear Spurgeon pray was even more impressive.

11 Reasons Spurgeon Was Depressed

Jul 11 Diagnosing the dead is neither easy nor altogether accurate. But in the case of Charles Spurgeon, it’s worth a try. “As to mental maladies, is any man altogether sane? Are we not all a little off the balance?”