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The Approachableness of Jesus

May 3 THE most depraved and despised classes of society formed an inner ring of nearers around our Lord. I gather from this that he was a most approachable person, that he was not of repulsive manners, but that he courted human confidence and was willing that men should commune with him.      Upon that one thought I shall enlarge, this evening, and may the Holy Spirit make it a loadstone to...

Luke 15:1

"The Ark of His Covenant."

Aug 18 I SHALL take the passage quite by itself. I do not fully understand its connection, whether it relates to that which goes before or to that which comes afterwards; and, happily, it is not necessary for us to know this, for the passage stands complete in itself, and is full of valuable instruction.

Revelation 11:19

The Ark of the Covenant

Sep 25 THIS text speaks concerning the material ark. I should like to append to that another, which speaks of the ark spiritually, and tells us where its antitype is to be found.      “And the temple of God was opened in heaven, and there was seen in his temple the ark of his testament (or covenant).” — Revelation xi. 19.      When inward piety is low the externals of religion are...

Jeremiah 3:16

The Arrows of the Bow Broken in Zion

Jan 19 THE writer of this song of triumph gloried as a patriot in the defeat of his country’s foes: he did better, he triumphed as a believer in Jehovah in the victories which were wrought by the power of the Lord his God. I have sometimes wished that we English Christians blended in ourselves a little more the two characters of patriots and believers. I am persuaded that if our poets...

Psalm 76:3

The Arrows of the Lord's Deliverance

Mar 22      THAT death-bed scene speaks volumes for the power of holiness. Elisha was the prophet of God; a man of no honourable station, except that he is always honourable whom God calls to serve him; Joash the king of Israel — who has often rejected Elisha’s admonitions, and continued to worship in the groves of Baal, though Elisha had denounced them, and had proclaimed that Jehovah alone was their...

2 King 13:19

The Ascension and the Second Advent Practically Considered

Dec 28 FOUR great events shine out brightly in our Saviour’s story. All Christian minds delight to dwell upon his birth, his death, his resurrection, and his ascension. These make four rounds in that ladder of light, the foot of which is upon the earth, but the top whereof reacheth to heaven. We could not afford to dispense with any one of those four events, nor would it be profitable for us...

Acts 1:10-11

The Ascension of Christ

Mar 25      Our blessed Lord and Master has gone from us. From the mount of Olives, the place where in dread conflict his garments were rolled in blood, he has mounted in triumph to his throne. After having shown himself for forty days amongst his beloved disciples, giving them abundant evidence that he had really risen from the dead, and enriching them by his divine counsels, he was taken up....

Ephesians 4:7-12