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What and Whence are These?

Feb 25      Towards some subjects even the best of men need that their attention should be drawn. Certain themes need an introduction to our contemplations. We often see and yet do not see: we see that which upon the surface attracts the eye, but we fail to penetrate into the inner and more precious truth. Even in heaven, it would seem that the mind needs directing, and wants a friend...

Revelation 7:13-14

What are the Clouds?

Aug 19      It is possible for a man to read too many books. We will not despise learning, we will not undervalue erudition, such acquisitions are very desirable; and, when his talents are sanctified to God, the man of learning frequently becomes in the hands ofthe Spirit far more useful than the ignorant and the unlearned; but at the same time, if a man acquire his knowledge entirely from books, he...

Nahum 1:3

What God Cannot Do!

May 8 TRUTH once reigned supreme upon our globe, and then earth was Paradise. Man knew no sorrow while he was ignorant of falsehood. The Father of Lies invaded the garden of bliss, and with one foul lie he blighted Eden into a wilderness, and made man a traitor to his God. Cunningly he handled the glittering falsehood and made it dazzle in the woman's eyes—“God doth know that in the day...

Titus 1:2

"What I Have Done?"

Dec 27      PERHAPS NO FIGURE represents God in a more gracious light than those figures of speech, which represent him as stooping from his throne, and as coming down from heaven to attend to the wants and to behold the woes of mankind. We must have love for that God, who, when Sodom and Gomorrah were reeking with iniquity, would not destroy those cities, although he knew their guilt and...

Jeremiah 8:6

What is the Mission of the Church?

Feb 20 May Spurgeon’s approach to missions call the church back to the biblical priority of gospel proclamation. 

What is the Verdict?

Aug 16 CAREFULLY observe that this text is spoken to the people of God. It speaks to those who are called “beloved.” These are the people who are specially loved of God and of his people. It is a very sweet and endearing title, but it evidently in this case belongs only to those who are of the family of grace: these alone can remain uncondemned of their hearts, and live in...

1 John 3:21

What is Your Life?

Mar 30 WHEN a prince dies they toll the great bell of the cathedral that all the city may hear it, and that for miles round the tidings may spread. Swift messengers of the press bear the news through the length and breadth of the land, and all men’s ears are made to tingle. A royal death is a national warning. A death in any one of our families is a loud...

James 4:14

What Meanest Thou, O Sleeper?

Sep 14       OF all the men in the ship, Jonah was the person who ought most to have been awake; but nevertheless, he was not only asleep, but fast asleep; all the creaking of the cordage, the dashing of the waves, the howling of the winds, the straining of the timbers, and the shouting of the mariners, did not arouse him; he was fast locked in the arms of...

Jonah 1:5, 6

What the Church Should Be

Sep 29 PAUL’S design in this epistle was to instruct young Timothy how he should behave himself in the church of God, so as to discharge his office as minister, evangelist, and pastor with honour to himself and profit to the people. He reminds him that the church is the house of God, and in God’s own house a man ought to be upon his best behaviour, for it is no light...

1 Timothy 3:15

What the Farm Laborers Can Do and What They Cannot Do

Jun 12 LAST Lord’s-day morning our subject was the labourers upon God’s farm and their great Master; and then we tried to show how far human agency was necessary in the work of the gospel. We also saw how thoroughly all holy results depend upon God, for neither he that soweth nor he that watereth is anything, but God who giveth the increase. We have much the same subject this morning, only...

Mark 4:26-29