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The Sinner's Advocate

Jun 21 THE Apostle John presents us with a very clear and emphatic testimony to the doctrine of full and free forgiveness of sin. He declares that the blood of Jesus Christ, God’s dear Son, cleanseth us from all sin, and that if any man sin, we have an Advocate. It is most evident that he is not afraid of doing mischief by stating this truth too broadly; on the contrary, he...

1 John 2:1

The Sinner's End

Dec 27 WANT of understanding has destroyed many. The dark pit of ignorance has engulfed its thousands. Where the lack of understanding has not sufficed to slay, it has been able seriously to wound. Lack of understanding upon doctrinal truth, providential dealing, or inward experience, has often caused the people of God a vast amount of perplexity and sorrow, much of which they might have avoided had they been more careful to...

Psalm 73:17,18

The Sinner's Friend

     Many a true word is spoken in jest, and many a tribute to virtue has been unwittingly paid by the sinister lips of malice. The enemies of our Lord Jesus Christ thought to brand him with infamy, hold him up to derision, and hand his name down to everlasting scorn, as "a friend of publicans and sinners." Short-sighted mortals! Their scandal published his reputation. To this day the...

Matthew 11:19

The Sinner's Saviour

Oct 1 PUBLICANS or tax-gatherers among the Jews were objects of intense aversion. The nation was always restless under the Roman yoke for the Israelite’s pride of lineage made him boast that he was born free and was never in bondage unto any man. Moreover, they had hopes of a great future under a Messiah who would lead them on to conquest; and therefore the Roman yoke galled their shoulders exceedingly, and...

Luke 19:7

The Sin Offering

Mar 10 IN the previous chapters of the book of Leviticus you read of the burnt offering, the peace offering, and the meat offering — all types of our Lord Jesus Christ, as seen from different points of view. Those three sacrifices were sweet savour offerings, and represent the Lord Jesus in his glorious person and perfect righteousness as an offering of a sweet smell unto God. The chapter before us, the...

Leviticus 4:3

The Sin-Offering for the Common People

Apr 28 VERY much of interesting truth clusters around the sin-offering. The type is well worthy of the most careful consideration, and I regret that we shall not have time this morning to enter into all its details. The reader of the chapter will perceive that it gives us four forms of the same sacrifice. These may be regarded as four views of the same thing, probably views taken by four classes...

Leviticus 4:27-31

The Sin of Unbelief

Jan 14 One wise man may deliver a whole city; one good man may be the means of safety to a thousand others. The holy ones are "the salt of the earth," the means of the preservation of the wicked. Without the godly as a conserve, the race would be utterly destroyed. In the city of Samaria there was one righteous man—Elisha, the servant of the Lord. Piety was altogether extinct in...

2 Kings 7:19

The Sitting of the Refiner

THIS is spoken of as one of the results of the coming of the Lord: he would test and try all things, destroy the false and the evil, and make those pure whom he permitted to remain. Behold, the Promised One has come! He whom Israel sought suddenly appeared in his temple as the messenger of the covenant. Glad were the eyes of Simeon, and Anna, and all those who...

1 Corinthians 4:7

The Sluggard’s Farm

Jun 10 No doubt Solomon was sometimes glad to lay aside the robes of state, escape from the forms of court, and go through the country unknown. On one occasion, when he was doing so, he looked over the broken wall of a little estate which belonged to a farmer of his country. This estate consisted of a piece of ploughed land and a vineyard. One glance showed him that it was...

Proverbs 24:30-32

The Smoke of their Torments

Nov 20 EARLY in the morning Abraham sought that favoured spot where but yesterday God had been pleased to manifest himself, and where he had been favoured with a season of extraordinary communion. Whither should the believer go, but to that choice place, dear to his heart, where he has communed with the Lord?  “Who that knows the worth of prayer,  But wishes to be often there?”

Genesis 19:27-28