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4 Reasons Spurgeon Died Poor

Oct 10 Charles Spurgeon could have been one of the richest millionaires in London. Instead, he died poor.

4 Times Spurgeon Was Almost Assassinated

Oct 19 David once said, “There is only a step between me and death” (1 Samuel 20:3). Charles Spurgeon almost took that step many times.

5 Photos of Spurgeon's Cambridge - Then and Now

Aug 10 Charles Spurgeon's time in and around Cambridge were four of the best years of his life (from 1850 to 1854). During these teenage years, he was baptized, discerned his call to ministry, taught Sunday School, learned to preach, and pastored his first congregation.  In many ways, Spurgeon's Cambridge hasn't changed at all. Here are 5 photos - then and now - from one of the most pivotol seasons in the...

5 Ways Spurgeon Coped with London’s Terror Attacks

Jun 19 On September 30, 1888, “Jack the Ripper” murdered his third victim, Elizabeth Stride, only five miles from last Sunday’s terrorist attack in Finsbury Park. Terror seized Spurgeon’s London. Would the murders continue? Who would die next? (Catherine Eddowes and Mary Jane Kelly)

6 Quotes Spurgeon Didn't Say

Aug 8 Charles Spurgeon is one of the most popular preachers to tweet, “meme” quote and misquote. But you may be shocked to realize that Spurgeon didn't say these six quotes often attributed to him.

6 Ways to Find Contentment in Your Ministry

Apr 12 Finding contentment in the midst of ministry is a challenging task. In today’s world, this difficulty is intensified by our insatiable access to sources of ministry jealousy. After all, who could read about 20-year-old Charles Spurgeon preaching to thousands without being tempted towards resentment? In spite of this potential for temptation, Spurgeon’s own testimony and preaching can encourage weary ministers through restless periods in service to the church.

6 Ways to Prepare Sermons Like Charles Spurgeon

Aug 31 Spurgeon’s sermons connected with readers in his day and in ours. But have you ever wondered how Spurgeon prepared his sermons? How much time did he allocate? Did he preach from manuscripts or outlines?

7 Reasons Spurgeon Longed for Heaven

Jul 13 For Spurgeon, the afterlife was not an afterthought. Heaven always occupied his mind.  Here are seven reasons Spurgeon longed for heaven, and why you can long for heaven, too.

7 Spurgeon Quotes for Those Who Carry Burdens

Oct 17 Spurgeon’s favorite book was The Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan. It’s the story of a man named Christian who woke up one morning to find a burden on his back.

8 Spurgeon Quotes on the Good Life

Apr 23 For Charles Haddon Spurgeon, life was good. But, more importantly, Spurgeon knew that God is good. Join us as Ed Romine explores Spurgeon's thoughts about "the good life."