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Heaven's Nurse Children

Jan 30      If you note well the opening part of this chapter, you will find that it consists of a wonderful chain of mercies; every one single line is a rare jewel, and the whole passage is a casket unspeakably precious. The chapter begins with love; ancient, sovereign, electing love. "When Israel was a child, then I loved him." When the Israelitish nation was in a very low and poor...

Hosea 11:3

Spurgeon's Secret for Raising Godly Children

Jul 4 Children brought out Spurgeon’s brightest and tenderest side. Here are thirteen quotes by Spurgeon about raising Godly children. “As soon as a child is capable of being lost, it is capable of being saved.”

The Children and Their Hosannas

May 7 THESE scribes and Pharisees always come in very conveniently as a sort of shadow to bring out the bright lights of the picture. One feels glad that they are not alive to worry us now, but somewhat glad that they were alive just then to put some of their queer cross-questions to the Saviour, and to arouse his spirit to utter precious truths, which are all the better understood because...

Matthew 21:15-16

I and the Children

Sep 20 WE might possibly have had some difficulty in explaining this verse, or we might have referred it to the prophet Isaiah and his sons, had not inspiration been its own expositor. Turn to the New Testament and the text will be no mystery to you ; its key hangs on its proper nail. In the second chapter of the Epistle to the Hebrews, and at the eleventh verse, we read—...

Isaiah 8:18

The Parent's and Pastor's Joy

Dec 21 JOHN speaks of himself as though he were a father, and, therefore, we concede to parents the right to use the language of the text. Sure am I that many of you here present, both mothers and fathers, can truly say, “We have no greater joy than to hear that our children walk in truth.” But John was not after the flesh the father of those of whom he was...

3 John 4

The Tender Pity of the Lord

Jul 17 DAVID sang of the compassionate pitifulness of our heavenly Father, who will not always chide, nor keep his anger for ever. He had proved in relation to himself that the Lord is not easily provoked, but is plenteous in mercy. Remembering how feeble and how frail we are, the Lord bears and forbears with his weak and sinful children, and is gentle towards them as a nurse with her child....

Psalm 103:13, 14

Children Brought to Christ, Not to the Font

Jul 24      My attention has been specially directed to this passage by the fact that it has been quoted against me by most of the authors of those sermons and letters which are, by a stretch of imagination, called "replies" to my sermon upon "Baptismal Regeneration." Replies they certainly are not, except to one another. I marvel that a Church so learned as the Anglican, cannot produce something a little...

Mark 10:13-16

A Promise for Us and for Our Children

Apr 10      WE ought not to overlook the first and immediate meaning of these words. There can be no doubt that we have here a promise made to God’s ancient people, the Jews. Whatever their sins may have been, God hath not for ever cast them away. They have become like the dry and thirsty desert, but the day will yet dawn when God’s sovereign love shall again visit them,...

Isaiah 44:1-5