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Elijah's Plea

1 Kings 18:36

The Still Small Voice

Jul 9 ELIJAH no doubt expected that after the wonderful display of God’s power on Carmel the nation would give up its idols, and would turn unto the only living and true God. Had they not confessed as with a voice of thunder u Jehovah, he is the God; Jehovah, he is the God”? The prophet trusted that the heart of Ahab might perhaps be touched, and possibly through him the heart...

1 Kings 19:12-13

No Quarter

Jun 30 ELIJAH may be called the iron prophet; he was a man stern and brave, who flinched not to deliver his Master’s message at all hazards. It was meet that such a man should be raised up just at that time, for the Sidonian queen, Jezebel, was a woman of imperious spirit, superstitious to the last degree, and resolute in carrying out her will; ruling Ahab with sovereign sway, she had...

1 Kings 18:40

Elijah's Appeal to the Undecided

May 31      It was a day to be remembered, when the multitudes of Israel were assembled at the foot of Carmel and when the solitary prophet of the Lord came forth to defy the four hundred and fifty priests of the false god. We might look upon that scene with the eye of historical curiosity, and we should find it rich with interest. Instead of doing so, however, we shall...

1 Kings 18:21