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A Free Grace Promise

Oct 11 VENGEANCE was in full career. The armies of divine justice had been called forth for war: “They shall run like mighty men; they shall climb the wall like men of war.” They had invaded and devastated the land, and turned the land from being like the garden of Eden into a desolate wilderness. All faces gathered blackness: the people were “much pained.” The sun itself was dim, the moon was...

Joel 2:32

The Certainty and Freeness of Divine Grace

Nov 13 LET it be evermore remembered that the words of Jesus Christ are full of truth and grace; and that in each of these two sentences, whether we perceive the fact or not, there is the surest truth and the freest grace. There will be some, who from the peculiarity of their minds, will prize most the first sentence. They will say, as they read these words, “All that the Father...

John 6:37