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Now - A Sermon for Young Men and Young Women

Mar 19 ONE would have, thought that if the glorious Lord condescended to send his servants to speak to men of the way of salvation, all mankind would delight to hear the message. We should naturally conclude that the people would immediately run together in eager crowds to catch every word, and would be obedient at once to the heavenly command. But, alas! it has not been so. Man’s opposition to God...

Ezekiel 12:27

A Safe Prospective

Jul 8 HUMAN nature anxiously desires to know something of the future. If we were told to-night that we could repair to a certain spot, where we might lift the veil of our own history, and foresee the course of our own lives during the next few years, I am afraid very few of us could be trusted to absent ourselves from such a place, or miss such an opportunity. This anxiety...

Daniel 8:19

"Things to Come"

Jun 13 A SHORT time ago we meditated upon the former words of this Terse, “Things present; all are yours.” Friends have asserted that it was a pleasant and profitable meditation: may we have a more than equal by the blessing of God’s Spirit this morning. The waters are deeper in the things to come than in the things present, but they are every drop of them as sweet. The horizon is...

1 Corinthians 3:22