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Strengthening Medicine for God's Servants

No doubt God had spoken to Joshua before. He had been a man of faith for many years, and his faith enabled him to distinguish himself by such simple truthfulness of character and thoroughly faithful obedience to the Lord’s will, that he and another were the only two left of the whole generation that came up out of Egypt. “Faithful among the faithless found,” he survived where all else died;...

Joshua 1:5

Crossing the Jordan

Aug 12 THE story of the passage of the Jordan might instructively be used in many ways. It was a very wonderful event. It occurred on the tenth day of the first month, on the same day of the year as the passage of the Red Sea. Of that glorious miracle it was the fortieth anniversary, and you may very properly join the dividing of the Red Sea to that of the...

Joshua 1:10-11

Decision- Illustrated by the Case of Joshua

Apr 18 JOSHUA knew that the people who surrounded him, while ostensibly serving Jehovah, were many of them secretly worshipping the ancient idols of their Mesopotamian fathers, those teraphim which were once hidden in Rachel’s tent, and were never quite purged from Jacob’s family. Some of them also harboured the Egyptian emblems, and some had even fallen into the worship of the gods of the people whom they had displaced, and were...

Joshua 24:15