Resources by Reconciliation

Joy in a Reconciled God

Apr 7 OUR text begins with these words, “And not only so.” It is the second time in which they occur in the chapter, I might almost have said the third, for a similar expression is used in another verse. The apostle had been mentioning very great and amazing privileges ; he had gone from great benefits to yet greater ; he had advanced, I might say, from silver to gold, and...

Romans 5:11

Done in a Day, but Wondered at For Ever

Sep 25 WE cull the text from one of Zechariah’s most instructive visions. It is a stone from a diamond field; all the context is rich in precious things, but we cannot, though we would be very glad to do so, linger over them this morning, we must be satisfied with this one brilliant. Taking the text as it stands and by itself, it is evidently descriptive of those long-expected and happy...

Zechariah 3:9, 10