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The Best of All Sights

IN holy Scripture faith is placed in opposition to the sight of the eyes, and yet it is frequently described as looking and seeing. It is opposed to carnal sight because it is spiritual sight; a discernment which comes not of the body, but arises out of the strong belief of the soul, wrought in us by the Holy Spirit. Faith is sight in the sense of being a clear...

Hebrews 2:9

Sight for Those Who See Not

Aug 14 THE great day of judgment is not as yet. God in infinite long-suffering waiteth to be gracious, giving men space wherein to repent, and to be reconciled to him. Jesus has come into the world for judgment, but not for that last and eternally unchangeable judgment which awaits us all. That hour and that advent will arrive: we have the declaration of God’s word for it. Read Matthew xxv. “When...

John 9:39