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Return, Return, O Shulamite; Return, Return!

Aug 10 THE translation into the word “Shulamite” is unhappy: it is unmusical, and misses the meaning. The Hebrew word is a feminine of “Solomon.” “Solomon” may stand for the bridegroom’s name, and then the well-beloved bride takes her husband’s name in a feminine form of it, which is Shulamith, Salome, or perhaps better “Solyma.” The King has named his name upon her, and as Caius has his Caiia, so Solomon has...

Song of Solomon 6:13

A Greater than Solomon

Feb 6 OUR first thought is that no mere man would have said this concerning himself unless he had been altogether eaten up with vanity; for Solomon was among the Jews the very ideal of greatness and wisdom. It would be an instance of the utmost self-conceit if any mere man were to say of himself— “A greater than Solomon is here.” Any person who was really greater and wiser than Solomon...

Luke 11:31