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Jan 17 IT is remarkable that God has traced so much of the misery of the children of Israel in the period of their degradation to the unfaithfulness of those governors, priests, and prophets, who bare rule over them. The crying evil of a nation’s crimes lay at the door of these foolish shepherds. At first it would seem that the main stress of calamity rested on the common people, and the...

Jeremiah 23:28

Unbelievers Stumbling; Believers Rejoicing

May 22      OUR apostle was inspired of God, and yet he was moved to quote passages out of the Old Testament. The Spirit of God might have dictated new words to him; might have shown him how to confirm the truth by other arguments, but he is not pleased so to do. He moves his servant to establish the present truth by truths formerly revealed, and thus he sets us...

Romans 9:33

Compel Them to Come In

Dec 5      I feel in such a haste to go out and obey this commandment this morning, by compelling those to come in who are now tarrying in the highways and hedges, that I cannot wait for an introduction, but must at once set about my business.      Hear then, O ye that are strangers to the truth as it is in Jesus—hear then the message that I have...

Luke 14:23