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Soul Winning

THE text is a gate of pearl leading up to the excellent glory. Happy are the men to whom it is given to enter thereby. It turns upon hinges of diamond. Those two phrases, “in Christ Jesus,” “by the blood of Christ”— these are the two pivots of the precious doctrine of the text. “Made nigh,” this is our delightful privilege, but “in Christ Jesus,” is one source of the...

Proverbs 11:30

Speak for Yourself. A Challenge!

Jan 1 THOSE of you, dear friends, who were present this morning will remember that our subject was “Jesus Christ himself.” We dwelt upon his blessed person. Our faith is fixed on him; our affections are drawn to him; our hopes all bend toward him. Though everything he said or did is precious, yet Jesus himself stands first in our estimation. To know him, to believe him, to love him, is the...

John 9:21

Sow to Yourselves

Oct 24 HUSBANDMEN are now devoting their attention to putting the seed into the ground. They know right well that without sowing in the present they cannot expect a reaping in the future. Seed-time has many lessons; that which we shall learn this morning is very personal and practical. Our hearts are like a field, and if we let them alone the only crop we shall get will be the natural weeds...

Hosea 10:12