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The First Appearance of the Risen Lord to the Eleven

Apr 10 THIS, beloved friends, is one of the most memorable of our Lord’s many visits to his disciples after he had risen from the dead. Each one of these appearances had its own peculiarity. I cannot at this time give you even an outline of the special colourings which distinguished each of the many manifestations of our risen Lord. The instance now before us may beconsidered to be the fullest and...

Luke 24:36-44

The Song of Songs

Jun 13 No doubt this prophecy had a fulfillment in the restoration of the captive Jews from Babylon, in the rebuilding of the temple, and the completion of the walls of Jerusalem. This made the nation rejoice with unspeakable joy, and made them cry, "Sing together, ye waste places of Jerusalem; for the Lord hath comforted his people, he hath redeemed Jerusalem." This was a fulfillment, but not the fullest accomplishment of...

Isaiah 44:23

The Sure Triumph of the Crucified One

Apr 25 MODERN Jewish writers refuse to see the Messiah in this passage, but their predecessors were not so blind. The Targum and the ancient Rabbins interpreted it of the Messiah, and indeed all attempts to explain it apart from him are palpable failures. Christian commentators in all ages have seen the Lord Jesus here. How could they do otherwise? To whom else could the prophet have referred? If the Man of...

Isaiah 52:13-15