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Spurgeon’s Vision for Women’s Ministry

The Victorian era to which Spurgeon belonged has captivated the imaginations of many in recent years. One particularly interesting aspect of this time, was the expansion of women's service within the church. Join us as Alex DiPrima explores Spurgeon's vision for women in ministry.

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Who is Spurgeon?

Whether you are new to Spurgeon, or a familiar friend, here are a few things you should know about Charles Haddon Spurgeon.

His Personal Library

For the first time ever: Spurgeon’s own writings & select volumes from Spurgeon’s personal library, complete with annotations, now available digitally and free of charge.

The Spurgeon Center

The Spurgeon Library is the premier center Spurgeon scholarship, housing nearly 6,000 volumes from Charles Spurgeon’s personal library.

The Lost Sermons

Never-before-published sermons from the Prince of Preachers now in print in elegant, full-color volumes from B&H Academic.

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Spurgeon’s Vision for Women’s Ministry

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The Victorian era has captivated the imaginations of many in recent years. One contributing factor has been PBS’s hit series Victoria, which portrays the story of the illustrious queen from her coronation in 1837 at the tender age of eighteen through the ups and downs of one of the most intriguing periods in Britain’s national …

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