Spurgeon on the Hope of Heaven

What comes to your mind when you think of heaven? 

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Spurgeon on the Hope of Heaven

May 3 What comes to your mind when you think of heaven? 

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Darwinian Evolution and Charles Spurgeon

Apr 24 Charles Spurgeon was 25 years old when Charles Darwin published his famous work Origin of Species. Even while the New Park Street pulpit heralded the Gospel, the words of Darwin contended for the hearts and minds of God’s image bearers. Where did Spurgeon stand on this influential issue? Did he directly confront it?

"The Noble Bereans", Lost Sermon No. 114

Apr 17 Save the incarnation, there is no greater revelation than God’s Bible. A commitment to the Word of God is paramount for faithful ministry. Charles Spurgeon was convinced of this—it was the reason why he died as a theological outcast, forced to leave his association and stand alone as a voice for truth.

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