Spurgeon’s Heart-Knowledge of God: God’s Revelation and Merciful Intervention Despite Man’s Rebellion (I of V)

There is nothing of greater importance to man than that he would know his Creator, a truth very near to the heart of Spurgeon. Over the course of what will be a five-part series, we will be taking an overview look into the necessary doctrine of the knowledge of God. Can we as finite beings truly know the infinite and incomprehensible God? Does God make himself known to all of humanity in the same way? What does it mean to move beyond a surface knowledge of God to, as Spurgeon puts it, a “heart-knowledge of God”? How may we attain such a knowledge?
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Who is Spurgeon?

Whether you are new to Spurgeon, or a familiar friend, here are a few things you should know about Charles Haddon Spurgeon.

His Personal Library

For the first time ever: Spurgeon’s own writings & select volumes from Spurgeon’s personal library, complete with annotations, now available digitally and free of charge.

The Spurgeon Center

The Spurgeon Library is the premier center of Spurgeon scholarship, housing nearly 6,000 volumes from Charles Spurgeon’s personal library.

Spurgeon Library Lectures

The Spurgeon Library Conference applies the best Spurgeon scholarship to encourage and equip pastors. The Spurgeon Lectures exist to equip preachers of God’s Word. View past lectures here.

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