Mark Dever’s Foreword to C.H. Spurgeon’s ‘Only a Prayer Meeting’

One of my most enjoyable reading experiences was earlier this year when I first read Mr. Spurgeon’s book Only a Prayer Meeting! I had bought my copy of the 1976 Pilgrim Publications reprint in 1984 in Inverness, Scotland. But it had lain unread among scores of other volumes of Spurgeon’s works, which, for some reason, got more of my attention. Then I took it with me on a trip and began to read it on the plane flight across the country from San Diego to DC. It captured my attention. I couldn’t put it down.
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Who is Spurgeon?

Whether you are new to Spurgeon, or a familiar friend, here are a few things you should know about Charles Haddon Spurgeon.

His Personal Library

For the first time ever: Spurgeon’s own writings & select volumes from Spurgeon’s personal library, complete with annotations, now available digitally and free of charge.

The Spurgeon Center

The Spurgeon Library is the premier center of Spurgeon scholarship, housing nearly 6,000 volumes from Charles Spurgeon’s personal library.

Spurgeon Library Conference

A one-day academic conference exploring the legacy of C. H. Spurgeon on April 27, 2022.

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Mark Dever’s Foreword to C.H. Spurgeon’s ‘Only a Prayer Meeting’

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