Drew Tillman

12 Spurgeon Quotes on Preaching

May 2, 2019

“Preach you Christ, and Christ, and Christ, and Christ, and nothing else but Christ.”   When Charles Spurgeon surveyed the preaching of his own day he lamented that, “There is very much rubbish about, brethren.” Now, after a century and a half his observation appears equally penetrating and applicable. Spurgeon advised pastors to, “Preach you Christ, and …

13 Spurgeon Quotes on Calling

February 14, 2019

“Am I called?” This question has lingered in the mind of every man called by God to pastoral ministry. For Charles Haddon Spurgeon, taking up the call to ministry required wisdom, discernment, and a sincere seriousness. This was a solemn and weighty thing. Indeed, he once said, “it would have been a fearful thing for …