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Sermon of the Week: No. 350, "A Blow at Self-Righteousness"

May 21 Charles Spurgeon loathed self-righteousness. This sin was so pervasive that he said “it is born with us” and “there is perhaps no sin which has so much vitality in it.” Only trusting in Christ, not self, secured salvation. Join us in this Sermon of the Week as Spurgeon helpfully dissects the sin of self-righteousness.

10 Spurgeon Quotes on Contentment

May 16 Contentment is profoundly simple but incredibly difficult to practice.  In a culture dominated by distractions  such as social media, true contentment can seem impossible to achieve. In recognition of Spurgeon’s remarkable contentment in the midst of difficulty and suffering, here are ten quotes from the “Prince of Preachers.”

Sermon of the Week: No. 1030, "The Pilgrim's Longings"

May 15 For Charles Spurgeon, the call to Christian pilgrimage began with repentance and belief in Jesus Christ, but would culminate in Christ’s glorious return. Join us in this Sermon of the Week as Spurgeon calls Christians to sojourn circumspectly and to run well while remembering that “the proof of faith lies in perseverance.”

Sermon of the Week: No. 1435, "Eternal Faithfulness Unaffected by Human Unbelief"

May 7 For Charles Spurgeon, Paul’s five “faithful sayings” were “weighty and important” because they struck at “the pith and marrow of the gospel.” He relished God’s eternal faithfulness, especially in light of the sinful weakness of God’s own people. Join us in this Sermon of the Week as Spurgeon relishes the eternal faithfulness of God.

12 Spurgeon Quotes on Preaching

May 2 When Charles Spurgeon surveyed the preaching of his own day he lamented that, “There is very much rubbish about, brethren.” Instead, Spurgeon advised pastors to, “Preach you Christ, and Christ, and Christ, and Christ, and nothing else but Christ.” In honor of Spurgeon's legacy, here are twelve quote on preaching from the "Prince of Preachers."

Sermon of the Week: No. 1338, "Work for Jesus"

May 1 For Charles Spurgeon, the command to “work to-day in my vineyard” was a call to zealously serve the Lord Jesus Christ. But this work was not “for life but from life.” Indeed, “there is no pleasure in the world like serving God.” Join us in this Sermon of the Week as Spurgeon unpacks the sweetness of serving Christ.