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A Solemn Enquiry Concerning our Families

Nov 20 THE angelic messengers of mercy were not only earnest to bring Lot out of the city, but in their great kindness they reminded him of an important matter which, in the alarm of the tumult without, and in the surprise of their fearful tidings, he might possibly have forgotten. They suggested to his distracted heart a loving care for his relatives and friends. His wife and his two daughters were...

Genesis 19:12

The Smoke of their Torments

Nov 20 EARLY in the morning Abraham sought that favoured spot where but yesterday God had been pleased to manifest himself, and where he had been favoured with a season of extraordinary communion. Whither should the believer go, but to that choice place, dear to his heart, where he has communed with the Lord?  “Who that knows the worth of prayer,  But wishes to be often there?”

Genesis 19:27-28

Three Homilies from One Text

Sep 2 THE ministry of our most blessed Lord bears upon its own countenance the stamp of truth. “He taught as one having authority, and not as the Scribes.” Whatever ever his enemies might lay to his door, I do not find they were ever able to summon audacity enough to impeach his correctness, or suspect his sincerity. We believe that Jesus Christ's sermons were their own witnesses; the words he uttered...

Matthew 4:23-25

Love to Jesus

Sep 30 IF the life of a Christian may be compared to a sacrifice, then humility digs the foundation for the altar; prayer brings the unhewn stones and piles them one upon the other; penitence fills the trench round about the altar with water; obedience lays the wood in order; faith pleads the Jehovah-jireh, and places the victim upon the altar; but the sacrifice even then is incomplete, for where is the...

Song of Solomon 1:7

A Single Eye and Simple Faith

Sep 16 THIS sentence has in it the nature of a proverb. It is well worthy of frequent quotation, as it is applicable to such various circumstances. It is one of the most pithy, sententious utterances of our Saviour. So full of meaning is it, that it would be utterly impossible for us to draw out all its analogies. It is capable of adaptation to so many different things, that the ablest...

Matthew 6:22-23

The Centurion: Or, an Exhortation to the Virtuous

Aug 15 THIS centurion certainly had a high reputation. Two features of character blend in him which do not often meet in such graceful harmony. He won the high opinion of others and yet he held a low estimation of himself. There are some who think little of themselves; and they are quite correct in their feelings, as all the world would endorse the estimate of their littleness. Others there are who...

Luke 7:4-9