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The Joyous Return

Mar 1 WE are in the last chapter of the book of the prophet Hosea. Throughout the book there has been thunder: sometimes a low rumbling, as of a distant tempest, sometimes peal on peal, as of a storm immediately overhead. And now the tempest has gathered all its force. Here it culminates. You expect the bolt of heaven to destroy. Lo, instead thereof a silver shower of mercy! The gentle drops...

Hosea 14:1-3

Self Low, but Christ High

Aug 31 THIS centurion was a worthy man from the human point of view; hut he called himself unworthy when he turned towards our Lord. He was so excellent a man that the elders of the Jews, who were by no means partial to Roman soldiers, pleaded with Jesus that he was worthy. Had he been personally there, he would have repudiated their plea; and he did so by the second party...

Matthew 8:8

Believing on Jesus, and its Counterfeits

Feb 22 OUR Lord, on this occasion, was surrounded by cavillers. We must not be astonished if the like should happen to us when declaring the gospel. Our Lord went on preaching all the same, and he did not conceal objectionable truth because of opposition; say, rather, that he set it forth with greater boldness and decision when surrounded by his enemies. The more they opposed, the more he testified.

John 8:30-32

Love’s Transformations: A Communion Meditation

Sep 4 THE loving Jesus saw a shade of sadness fall upon the faces of the twelve while he talked to them of his departure. Though he was himself to die, with his usual self-forgetfulness he only thought of them, and he desired to comfort them — to comfort them about the present sorrow of his departure. See how adroitly, how wisely, he drew upon their love for their comfort. The most...

John 14:28