Ray Rhodes

Spurgeon: A Fighter and a Lover

November 2, 2022

Charles Spurgeon should not be interpreted as a theological sadist, deriving pleasure from pummeling his doctrinal opponents. That he was a notable defender of the faith, is without question. He fought against baptismal regeneration and the undermining of essential evangelical doctrines, which he saw as threats to the gospel. He was outspoken and took strong …

Bible Reading and Prayer in the Marriage of Charles and Susie Spurgeon

December 1, 2020

Charles and Susie Spurgeon’s engagement in August of 1854 got off to a great start. There was no elaborate setting with balloons and fireworks—just a simple garden. It seems that Charles never said, “I love you,” to Susie until he was ready to say, “will you marry me?”  Susie said “yes,” and such marked the …

Susannah Spurgeon’s “A Cluster of Camphire”

January 25, 2018

Although Susannah Spurgeon was not as prolific an author as her husband Charles, her writing nevertheless was profound. Her pen, like her beloved husband, had a poetic and practical quality about it. Susannah was the author of three devotional books, as well as two books concerning the Book Fund that she managed. She was also a …