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Faith, and the Witness Upon Which It is Founded

 You observe that I have somewhat corrected the translation. The same word is employed in every case in the original, but for the sake of variety of expression the translators have used four different words in our version; and so, instead of improving the sense, which, indeed, never can be in the case of the Holy Spirit’s writing, they have rather darkened the meaning. Put the word “witness” or “testimony”...

1 John 5:9,10

What is the Verdict?

1 John 3:21

Helps to Full Assurance

Jul 20 How very simple this all is! John had an eagle’s wing with which to soar aloft, and an eagle’s eye with which to penetrate into great mysteries; and yet of all the writers of the Old or New Testament he is one of the simplest. He never endeavours to show you the greatness of his mind or the grandeur of his rhetoric; on the contrary, he speaks as a child...

1 John 5:13

Fathers in Christ

Nov 18 OBSERVE the difference in the two verses: John first says, “I write,” and then, “I have written." When in two former discourses I preached upon the beloved apostle’s address to the young men and the children, I gave you as full an interpretation of this difference as I could command, and I need not now repeat it. Certain additional thoughts occur to me, which I will give you, that the...

1 John 2:13-14

The Works of the Devil Destroyed

Jul 1 IN this chapter John makes a sharp and clear division of mankind into two classes. He gives not even the slightest hint that there is, or ever was, or ever can be a third class; but he describes men as being the children of God or else the children of the devil, and tells us how the two classes are made manifest (see verse 10). Now, this distinction would not...

1 John 3:8

In Him: Like Him

May 17 HE that saith he abideth in him:”— that is exactly what every Christian does say. He cannot be a Christian unless this be true of him, and he cannot fully enjoy his religion unless he assuredly knows that he is in Christ, and can boldly say as much. We must be in Christ, and abidingly in Christ, or else we are not saved in the Lord. It is our union...

1 John 2:6

A Description of Young Men in Christ

Apr 8 WHEN I preached a short time ago upon John’s message to the “little children,” I explained why it was that he first said, “I write,” and then, “I have written.” He is writing: his whole heart is in it, and he cannot help saying that he himself is earnestly writing to those whom he loves so well; but he has scarcely penned the line before he feels that he must...

1 John 2:13-14

A Sermon to the Lord's Little Children

Mar 18 PROBABLY you ask, “Why does John say first, ‘I write,’ and then, ‘I have written’?” There is a beautiful touch of nature in this speedy change of tense. John was an extremely old man, and therefore while he says, “I write,” he adds, “I have written,” as if he felt that it might be the last time that he should take his pen in hand. Very soon with him the...

1 John 2:12

Herein is Love

Feb 18 ARE there not scenes and circumstances which now and then transpire before us that prompt an exclamation like that of the apostle, “Herein is love”? When we have seen the devotedness of a mother to her children, when we have marked the affection of friend for friend, and caught a glimpse in different human relationships of the kindness that exists in human hearts, wo have said, “Herein is love!” Yesterday,...

1 John 4:10-11

The True Position of the Witness Within

Aug 11 SOME time ago I tried to set forth the manner of the witness and sealing of the Spirit, and I have no doubt that the subject will still remain upon the memory of many of you; but I am led to refer to it again, and to go over the same ground again, because I meet with so many instances in which mistakes are made in reference to it,— mistakes...

1 John 5:10