Resources from 2 Kings

A Serious Remonstrance

I AM somewhat myself in the position of Elijah, when Naaman, the Syrian, came dashing up with his horses and with his chariot, and stood at the door of the house of the prophet. There are before me in this house, I fear, many who are spiritually diseased. Your motive for coming up to this assembly should be to hear the gospel, and to discover the remedy by which your...

2 Kings 5:13

The Seven Sneezes

THE child was dead. Although he had been the special gift of divine promise and was therefore doubly prized by his parents, yet the little lad was not secure from the common hazards of life. He was in the harvest field in the heat of the day, and a sun-stroke smote him down. His father bade one of his young men carry him home, and he died on his mother’s...

2 Kings 4:34

Public Testimony: A Debt to God and Man

*This sermon is undated and no accurate date can be determined.

2 Kings 7:9

The Oil and the Vessels

So long as there were vessels to be filled the miraculous flow of the oil continued, and it only ceased when there were no more jars to contain it. The prophet spoke no word to stay the multiplying process, and the Lord did not set any bound to the bountiful marvel; the poor widow was not straitened in God, but in her supply of empty vessels. Nothing else in the...

2 Kings 4:6

Who Found it Out?

Jun 6 THE story of four leprous men inserted in the Book of the Kings of Israel: is it not singular? No; it is not singular for the Bible. If you were to take out of the Scriptures all the stories that have to do with poor, afflicted men and women, what a very small book the Bible would become, especially if together with the stories you removed all the psalms of...

2 Kings 7:3-7

Mongrel Religion

Oct 2 "SO DO THEY unto this day," said the writer of the Book of Kings, who has long since passed away unto his fathers. Were he alive now he might say concerning the spiritual descendants of these Samaritans, "So do they unto this day." This base union of fearing God and serving other gods is by no means obsolete. Alas, it is too common everywhere, and to be met with where...

2 Kings 17:41

Beware of Unbelief

Jun 6 The people of Samaria had cast off their allegiance to Jehovah, and worshipped other gods, and therefore, according to his solemn threatening, the Lord visited them with sore judgments. They were so blockaded by Syrian armies, that food failed them altogether, and in their hunger they devoured human flesh, and the most abominable offal. They could not open the city gates, for they knew that the adversary, if he once...

2 Kings 7:2

"I Thought"

May 17 OUR great object in preaching to-day will be the conversion of sinners. There is a great deal else to be done, saints want building up, comforting, and quickening; but while myriads of men remain careless until they are swept away into perdition, it becomes us to bend our main strength to the most needful work of winning souls for Jesus. Therefore, again this morning I shall leave the ninety and...

2 Kings 5:11

New Uses for Old Trophies

Nov 19      When David had fought with an adversary, and overcome him, he took away his armor and his weapons, and as other victorious heroes were wont to do, he bore them home as mementoes of his prowess, the trophies of the battle. These were placed in the house of the Lord. Perhaps David at the same time dedicated in like manner the shield and the sword which he had...

2 Kings 11:10


Nov 13 THE first commandment instructs us that there is but one God, who alone is to be worshipped; and the second commandment teaches that no attempt is to be made to represent the Lord, neither are we to bow down before any form of sacred similitude. “Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the...

2 Kings 18:4, 5