Resources from 2 Samuel

The Use of the Bow

2 Samuel 1:17-18

Loyal to the Core

Although the courage of David appears to have failed him when he fled from his son Absalom, yet certain other noble characteristics came out in brilliant relief, and among the rest, his large-heartedness and his thoughtfulness for others. A man in such a desperate condition as he was must have earnestly coveted many friends and have been anxious to retain them all, but yet he would not exact their services...

2 Samuel 15:21

An Anxious Enquiry for a Beloved Son

Sep 5 This was said by David after a great battle in which many had been slain, and the hosts led by Absalom had fallen to the number of twenty thousand; perishing not only by the sword, but among the thick oaks and tangled briers of the wood, which concealed fearful precipices and great caverns, into which the rebels plunged in their wild fright when the rout set in. His father's anxious...

2 Samuel 18:29

Where True Prayer is Found

May 5 DAVID had first found it in his heart to build a house for God. Sitting in his house of cedar he resolved that the ark of God should no longer abide under curtains, but should be more suitably housed. The Lord, however, did not design that David should build his temple, though he accepted his pious intentions, and declared that it was well that it was in his heart. From...

2 Samuel 7:27

Now Then Do It

Sep 23 You know the circumstances under which these words were spoken. God had cast off Saul because he had not been faithful, and he had appointed David to be his successor, anointing him by the hand of Samuel. Yet when Saul was slain in battle Israel seemed determined to choose her own king, by selecting one of Saul’s family, and under the leadership of Abner the majority of the tribes set...

2 Samuel 3:17,18

Marrow and Fatness

Mar 29 DAVID was overwhelmed with the mercy of God: Nathan’s message was too much for him. He felt emotions in his bosom which he could not express. Like a wise man, he went at once, while under the impulse of gratitude, into the place of nearness to God. It was not every one who might go in and sit before the Lord as he did; but he felt he had a...

2 Samuel 7:18-22

Means for Restoring the Banished

Sep 11 THE woman of Tekoah in arguing with David for the recall of his son Absalom, argued with great shrewdness. After craftily entrapping the king by her parable, she then pleaded with him in persuasive terms, the cleverness of which we must admire, though the end aimed at was not consistent with the impartial justice which every magistrate ought to exercise. In effect she pleaded thus— “It is true that Absalom...

2 Samuel 14:14

A Summons to Battle

Oct 10 THERE seems to have been in the olden times, among the petty sovereigns of the East, regular seasons for warfare; perhaps they marched forth in the spring, when the grass would afford food for their horses, or possibly in the autumn, when the troops could forage upon the standing crops. These sovereigns of small territories were little better than the captains of hordes of robbers, and their revenues were rather...

2 Samuel 11:1

Bringing the King Back

Apr 18 THIS morning we were indulged with the Master’s blessing while considering one of the most delightful subjects that can ever occupy the minds of God’s creatures this side of heaven. It was a celestial song, fitter for angels’ harps than sinners’ tongues. We sang the triumphs of the once rejected but now exalted Son of man. We lingered lovingly over the guarantees of his sure and blessed kingdom, and fed...

2 Samuel 19:10

The Barley-Field on Fire

Apr 3      You remember the historical narrative. Absalom had fled from Jerusalem under fear of David's anger; he was after a time permitted to return, but he was not admitted into the presence of the king. Earnestly desiring to be restored to his former posts of honour and favour, he besought Joab to come to him, intending to request him to act as mediator. Joab, having lost much of his...

2 Samuel 14:29-31