Resources from Acts

Grace—The One Way of Salvation

You who are conversant with Scripture, will recollect that these are the words of the apostle Peter. Paul and Barnabas had been preaching the gospel among the Gentiles with great success, but “certain of the sect of the Pharisees which believed,” could not get rid of their old Jewish bigotry, and vehemently urged that the converted Gentiles ought to be circumcised, or else they could not be saved. They made...

Acts 15:11

Pressing Questions of an Awakened Mind

PAUL fell to the ground overcome by the brightness of the light which outshone the mid-day sun, and as he lay there he cried, “Who art thou, Lord?” After receiving an answer to his first question, he humbly asked another, “Lord, what wilt thou have me to do?

Acts 9:5-6

The Cripple at Lystra

     I have read in your hearing the story of the preaching of Paul and Barnabas in the town of Lystra. The name of Christ was there totally unknown. They were a sort of country people, partly pastoral and partly agricultural, who seem to have been deeply sunken in superstition. At the gates of their city there stood a great temple dedicated to Jupiter, and they appear to have...

Acts 14:9

The Minister's Stock-Taking

  THIS is the only proper way to calculate the results of our ministry. We just want the account-book ruled with two columns. On one side we must put down the long list of the some that believe not; and on the brighter side we may enter what is too often, the far less number of the some that believe. This is the only true method, I repeat it, by which...

Acts 28:24

No Illusion

FANCY, not fact! a dream! a delusion! That would be the world's estimate of the most blessed Christian experience. “Fanaticism” is the name by which they call it. But call it by whatever name ye please, the grace that interposes and rescues a sinner from the law's threatenings, from Satan's tyranny, from the malice of men, and the fears of one's ’s own heart, is matter of abundant joy. Then...

Acts 12:9

Lydia, the First European Convert

WE may laudably exercise curiosity with regard to the first proclamation of the gospel in our own quarter of the globe. We are happy that history so accurately tells us, by the pen of Luke, when first the gospel was preached in Europe, and by whom, and who was the first convert brought by that preaching to the Saviour’s feet. I half envy Lydia that she should be the leader...

Acts 16:14

A Cheery Word in Troublous Times

Oct 29 THE presence of a brave man in the hour of danger is a very great comfort to his companions. It is a grand thing to observe Paul so bold, so calm, in the midst of all the hurly-burly of the storm, and talking so cheerfully, and so encouragingly, to the crew and to the soldiery and to the prisoners. You must have seen in many events in history that it...

Acts 27:25

His own Funeral Sermon

Oct 19 IT is remarkable that David should say, in the sixteenth Psalm, “Thou wilt not leave my soul in hell; neither wilt thou suffer thine Holy One to see corruption,” and yet that Paul should say concerning him, when preaching at Antioch, that he “saw corruption.” The key to this apparent contradiction is the fact that David did not speak of himself, but of his Lord. Peter, in his memorable sermon...

Acts 13:36

The Prince of Life

Apr 6 PETER does not conceal the death of Christ: he is not ashamed of the fact that his Lord was crucified. God forbid that any of us should be ashamed of the cross: may we speak of it without a blush! Peter does not flatter his hearers; but he declares that they “killed the Prince of life.” This was literally true, and it was needful that they should know and feel...

Acts 3:15

The Shank-bone Sermon; or, True Believers and Their Helpers

Mar 23 APOLLOS is not Paul, and Paul is not Apollos. To blend the two in one would be to spoil each one of the two, without producing a good third. It is a great mercy that we have Paul, and Apollos, and Cephas, and other varieties of preachers; for not only is variety charming, but it is necessary. It is not everybody that can be profited by Paul; for it requires...

Acts 18:27