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Family Reformation; Or, Jacob's Second Visit to Bethel

THERE are critical times in most families: times when much decision of character will be needed on the part of the father to guide things aright. They say there is a skeleton in every house, and, if so, I would add that occasionally the unquiet spirit takes to troubling the household, and needs to be laid. There are times when the evil in the hearts of the children and in...

Genesis 35:1

Eyes Opened

THERE w a s a well of water close to Hagar all the while though she saw it not. God did not cleave the earth and cause new waters to gush forth, nor was there need. The well was there already, but for all practical purposes it might not have been there, for she could not see it. The water was spent in her bottle, her child was dying with...

Genesis 21:19

Am I My Brother's Keeper?

To what a shameful pitch of presumptuous impudence had Cain arrived when he could thus insult the Lord God. If it had not been on record in the page of inspiration, we might almost have doubted whether a man could speak so impudently when actually conscious that God himself was addressing him. Men blaspheme frightfully, but it is usually because they forget God, and ignore his presence; but Cain was...

Genesis 4:9

The Life, Walk, and Triumph of Faith

BELOVED, all Scripture is the word of God, but some Scripture is expressly so. Much of its teaching comes through inspired men, but some of it was spoken by God's own mouth, directly and without instrumentality: such are the words now before us which were of old spoken into Abram’s ear by the Almighty God. These sentences ought for this reason to be regarded with peculiar reverence, and considered with...

Genesis 17:1-2

The God of Bethel

JACOB had been sent away to Padan-aram, and he might, perhaps, have stopped there if things had been quite as he wished. As it was, he stayed there quite long enough. He seemed almost to forget his father’s house in the cares that his wives and children and the anxious oversight of his constantly increasing flocks involved; but God did not mean him to remain at Padan-aram. He was to...

Genesis 31:13

Delay is Dangerous

You know the story of which these words form a part. Abraham was anxious to secure a wife for his son Isaac. He sends, therefore, his well-tried servant to the land of their forefathers, and takes an oath of him that he will bring a maiden from thence, who should be, by her birth and character, suitable to her future destiny. The venerable servant departs on his delicate and difficult...

Genesis 24:55

A Family Sermon

Oct 29 GOD in infinite grace had entered into covenant with Noah that he would preserve him and his family alive. The tenor of that covenant you will find in the 18th verse of the 6th chapter. “With thee will I establish my covenant; and thou shalt come into the ark, thou, and thy sons, and thy wife, and thy sons’ wives with thee.” There was a positive foretelling of Noah’s coming...

Genesis 7:1

A Welcome Discovery

Oct 20 You know the story of Hagar; of her being sent out from Abraham’s tent with her son Ishmael. It was necessary that they should be sent away from the child of promise. God, nevertheless, had designs of good towards Ishmael and his mother. Still he tried them. Whether we be saints or sinners, we shall meet with tribulation. Whether it is Sarah or Hagar; no life shall be without its...

Genesis 21:19

Hagar at the Fountain

Genesis 16:13-14