Resources from James

Unconditional Surrender

THIS advice should not need much pressing. “Submit yourselves unto God”— is it not right upon the very face of it? Is it not wise? Does not conscience tell us that we ought to submit? Does not reason bear witness that it must be best to do so? “Submit yourselves unto God.” Should not the creature be submissive to the Creator, to whom it owes its existence, without whom it...

James 4:7

Two Sorts of Hearers

JAMES has no speculations. “By their fruits ye shall know them,” seems to have taken possession of his mind, and he is always demanding practical holiness. He is not satisfied with the buds of hearing, he wants the fruits of obedience. We need more of his practical spirit in this age, for there are certain ministers who are not content with sowing the old seed, the selfsame seed which, from...

James 1:22-25

A Visit to the Harvest Field

Feb 4      The earth that yields seed to the sower and bread to the eater has received its constitution from God; and it is governed through his wise providence by fixed laws that are infinitely reliable; and yet, at the same time, with such diversified conditions and minute peculiarities as may well convince us that the Almighty intended the operations of nature to supply us with spiritual instruction as well...

James 5:7-8

The Looking-Glass

James 1:23-25

What is Your Life?

Mar 30 WHEN a prince dies they toll the great bell of the cathedral that all the city may hear it, and that for miles round the tidings may spread. Swift messengers of the press bear the news through the length and breadth of the land, and all men’s ears are made to tingle. A royal death is a national warning. A death in any one of our families is a loud...

James 4:14

All Joy in All Trials

Feb 4 JAMES calls the converted among the twelve tribes his brethren. Christianity has a great uniting power: it both discovers and creates relationships among the sons of men. It reminds us of the ties of nature, and binds us with the bonds of grace. Every one that is born of the Spirit of God is brother to every other that is born of the same Spirit. Well may we be called...

James 1:2-4

Ask and Have

Oct 1 MAY these striking words be made profitable to us by the teaching of the Holy Spirit.      Man is a creature abounding in wants, and ever restless, and hence his heart is full of desires. I can hardly imagine a man existing who has not many desires of some kind or another. Man is comparable to the sea anemone with its multitude of tentacles which are always hunting in the...

James 4:2-3