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The Holy Spirit Compared to the Wind

AT the present moment, I am not able to enter fully into the subject of the new birth. I am very weary, both in body and mind, and cannot attempt that great and mysterious theme. To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven, and it is not the time to preach upon regeneration when the head is aching, nor to discourse upon the new...

John 3:8

Faith and Its Attendant Privileges

ACCORDING to this text, the principal matter in our salvation is faith. Faith is described as “receiving” Jesus. It is the empty cup placed under the flowing stream; the penniless hand held out for heavenly alms. It is also described in the text as “believing on his name.” And this reception, this believing, is the main thing in real godliness. Faith is the simplest thing conceivable. When we hear people...

John 1:11-13

The Marvellous Magnet

John 12:32-33